Apr 18, 2011

no design wall today

Well, I did have something on there but I can't show you yet. Top secret project continues today though I did finish up a segment of it. No, not even a peek.

After tearing up the room on a fabric hunt and messing up the sewing room with strings and foundation piecing papers laying all about, the next thing that happens in here had better be a good cleanup.

I have been bent over the sewing machine for the better part of 5 days so I think tomorrow I will take off, go to lunch with my husband, run a few errands. Maybe some of the hand work on the April button up or hand quilt a bit on my Santa quilt. Yeah, that's the ticket!


  1. I know the feeling! :) My space needs a major cleanup too but it will wait. Meanwhile I spent more time ripping a project than actually sewing it! :(

  2. Paper piecing has MCM in a horrible mess...but loved the process...


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