Apr 7, 2011

almost a finish

DJ says "you are missing a block" when I held it up for him to see. I reply "I know. Remember when I told you that I messed up trimming that one down and I have to make another?"

You know, I am tempted to count this as a "finished to flimsy" After all the missing block WAS done and would have been sewn in there if I hadn't messed up and/or could tolerate the lack of seam allowance.

For today, I am going to work on the 4 patch diagonal components that I had been piddling with a month or so ago and set aside. See the picture in this post. This is one of my scrappy bag challenge pieces for Bama Belles and #9 of 11n11.

#10 which also is part of both challenges would be the triple rail blocks I was working on at the quilt meeting was last seen HERE almost a month ago. We meet on Tuesday and that will be my meeting project again. It will be done at some point, no rush. I guess #11 would be those Puss in the Corner blocks I also have in the progress. No shortage of things to sew around here!

When I get tired of sewing and ready for some handwork, I will applique some tulip stems on the April Button Up. Yep, that is the day's action plan. When the fabric comes for the giftie, tomorrow or Saturday I'm guessing, I will get in gear with that project as that is a deadline piece and I need to allow for mailing time as well.


  1. Wow! That was fast! So sad you miscut the one block. :(
    But guess there are lots of other projects to work on!

  2. I am loving the way this looks! That red fabric with the white dots is absolutely perfect for the sashing on this one!

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute and a bit more Cute still! Love those little post stitcheries!



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