Apr 4, 2011

oh so close!

Redwork or embroidery is often my "go to" project when I don't feel like doing anything else. at a meeting or appointment or just have a short time to stitch.

I stitched a bit on Saturday even though it was NOT on my list. Then being so close to done with this project stitched more on Sunday. I am starting off today with only two more little motifs to go!

These are the cornerstone units for "Here Comes Santa" from Bird Brain Designs found HERE. I could conceivably be trimming down the blocks and cutting the sashing for this tomorrow! Actually that is not a bad idea since I need to cut on the next FAB birthday project too. Got to love it!

Of course, as one stitchery project ends you start thinking about what might be next. I am pretty sure I will get back to the Freckles Snowman Year project. The only thing is that you switch off colors a lot and that makes it a little less portable with the way I have the threads stored. I only have one block (April) done and one (May) started. The other one I am considering are the set of the baskets from Bee Tree Designs. Wouldn't those be pretty in a representational coloring?

The wind is pretty brisk today and DJ took advantage of the cloud cover to do some weed whacking. Storms are on their way in later tonight. Cross your fingers that is nothing serious.

Well, some bells and candy canes are calling my name. Hope you are having a good day and thank for stopping by.


ED NOTE: Blocks are all done BUT boy, did I mess up trimming one of the large blocks last night. Not only is it a little bit crooked but I left myself with not enough seam allowance at the bottom. I know I will NOT be happy with that. I ordered a bit more of the fabric and will just make another one rather than zero in on the messed up block every time I look at this project. Phooey! I plan to cut the sashing bits and sew what I can till that one is done.


  1. Those two little squares will be done before you know it! I vote for the baskets next! I am thinking of doing mine in all red - once I finish my blackwork Love Is blocks that is. LOL

  2. love those little post stitchings...too too cute

    pulled my purple snowmen...gave them a good looking at...put them away...still considering passing them along to Mandy



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