Apr 6, 2011

WIP Weds, wk 14 or 15?

I spent some time cutting yesterday for the sashing bits for Bird Brain Designs "Here Comes Santa" and the giftie as well. Nope, not even a preview of that one!

I told you in my last post that I messed up trimming that "Be Jolly" Santa and that block will need to be re-stitched. BOOO! The good, matching muslin is on its way from Bird Brain. In the giftie's case I did not like one of my fabric choices and ordered something that should work online but the rest is ready to go. Just a little minor cutting will be required when the replacement arrives. I figured I could go ahead and get started sewing anyway but chose the Santa project first.

I didn't think we had any more tulip bulbs out there but lo and behold, two pretty red ones popped up.

..............and whatever this is out. Really I don't know what that plant is and I don't think DJ does either. One of those bulb plants anyway. What does a jonquil look like??

And so it goes around here. I'm sewing and DJ is doing a little of that homeowner repair stuff, sanding and painting something. A little frost in the overnight hours but it looks like the winds have died down today and the sun is shining. We got almost 2 inches of rain the other night from that slow moving thunderstorm front but no other damage in the area that I am aware of. I know some spots in GA had uprooted trees that caused some fatalities. Hit an occupied house and car. Sad when that happens.


  1. Love the Santa blocks from BBDesigns.
    You have a wonderful and cheery blog... what a fun read! Thank you.
    I come here via Hanne's blog. She and I are DearJane friends.
    Love the pretty flowers.

  2. I bet you were ready to cry with the miscutting of that block. At first when you told me that you miscut, I was hoping it was just a cornerstone. When I realized it was one of the larger blocks, I said a very loud DRATS! for you!


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