Apr 19, 2011

got yellow?

FAB pal Cher had asked the group for some yellow strips, any length and width. I had raided my 1 1/2, 2 and 2 1/2 inch strips but in the process of digging around should have waited to see what else might be hiding in that large tote on the right. I already mailed a packet to Cher this morning but she may be getting more when I mail out her giftie before long.

One of the errands I ran today was to get a couple more stackable snap totes. I have several of these separating out fabrics by color and/or theme. To this point, the yellows and golds were all lumped in with a portion of the orange, peach and rusts. Not anymore. I filled up a 20 qt like you see on the left with the orange groupings from the big 28 qt container on the right. I am starting to wonder if a 20 qt. is going to be big enough for ALL the yellows. The math does NOT add up..

The basket was just a temporary arrangement containing some recently used yellows that need to go BACK in a container. It is not as full as it looks once I get things re-folded and joined with some dupes in the large tote.

I see some yellow quilts in my future, don't you? Or yellow added projects anyway. It IS one of my favorite colors---so cheerful. Actually I think this is a good way to re-visit your stash and remind yourself just what you have. I already pulled one piece out that would go well with a bricks project I already have cut. No doubt there is more that could be set aside. Some solids are in there that don't really "belong", for example.

Best get crackin' as this stuff is not going to fold itself. Wish me luck!


  1. your area is looking sooo neat! I simply shoved the yellow scraps into the box and *hoped* for the best...lol

  2. I shoved them all in a bag...Cher will forgive me for that, won't she???

  3. I think there might be a hint of a challenge of some sort in the future......LOL I do not have a yellow stash! But, I am thinking that I should probably shore up that area of my stash soon. I heard someone somewhere say that every good quilt has at least a hint of yellow in it to add some sunshine to a quilt. Seems like a plan to me! I think I have just justified a shopping trip for yellow fabrics! LOL


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