Oct 20, 2012

Break time

Most of the thorough house cleaning is done--at least for me.  After stringing it all out over two days, I am ready for a break!  My two rooms are done, my bathroom and all the dusting in the living room and kitchen.  I'm on my third load of wash in as many days.  Bedding, curtains, table skirt, etc.  Towels, rugs, shower curtain.  Now regular laundry.    DJ has his marching orders for tomorrow to move the kitchen chairs out and sweep/vacuum so I can mop plus vacuum the living room and hall.   I hate to vacuum, he hates to dust so that division of labor works for us.  

I know what I am going to fix Monday evening while Cindy is here and what I will take to the Belles Sew-In on Tuesday.  Just need to get groceries tomorrow.  I already did the Dollar General run along with a stop at the Oriental grocer and the meat market spot that has a 5/$20 deal on some bulk frozen items we use.   It is all getting done.   I got supper covered so just re-heating required.  

So what can I do that won't make a huge mess?  Hand quilt on my "Here Comes Santa" OR binding on any of the recently quilted pieces OR embroidery.  I think you know the answer to that!  Yep, the Bird Brain "Witches Hooray" piece that will go in my FAB Halloween Row at some point.  

My lefthandquilter pal and the "other" Linda are doing what they call what they have called a "Leisurely Turtle Race to Christmas with Squirrels Allowed (LTRCWSA).    Both of them have been trying to convince me to join along.  I do have some Christmas stuff waiting in the wings that I could work on.  She even told me that the twister wreath might count, even the hand quilting on the Santa piece so maybe I am already in.  They must be rubbing me off on me, do you think??   Christmas Joy deserves to see the light of day or I could work on my long planned adapted Oxmoor House Christmas sampler piece.  Or start something totally different---my niece/godchild was teasing me about a tree skirt.  If she really wants one, I might be persuaded.  

The 3 sew-in days that I am involved with next week are for pro bono stuff.  I have not forgotten that I am due a reward project for doing all that quilting.  I am thinking that I might do the Joined at the Hip BU #19  "Happy Halloween" piece even though there is no way on God's green Earth that I will hang this year.   Still I could play with the stuff that is holiday themed.

The other choice would be the modified to be a button up  "Harvest" piece that would span the fall months from the Joined at the Hip gals book Folk Art Favorites.    The material is copyrighted but you can look for the book in amazon, search the images and you might be able to see what I am talking about.    The length is piece is fine but the button ups finish at 22 inches wide while the door banner is 18.  I know how I will do it.  I also like the "Bloom" piece for the spring.   The only other Button Up that I would like to do after that is the May basket piece.  Those 4 and I'll move onto another themed project---probably Amy Bradley's "Seasoned Quilter".  I mentioned this on Facebook the other day and a friend of mine who had started these got busy with hers and prepped the 4 or 5 little quilts she had left.  Too cute!  Of course, that just gives me the itch to want to start on my own version!

So I plan  quilts even if I am NOT actually able to sew them.  Get those priorities set when the opportunity comes.  Actually I should also be thinking about what I want to do for sure for the Belles "use that black tone on tone" yardage thing----I kind of know but have not done any cutting on the top.  Deadline:  Christmas party in early December but just a top is fine.  

For now, some hand stitching then-------

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