Oct 13, 2012

Saturday check-in

My Saturday started a little earlier than most as DJ and I HAD to get up in time to be downtown at the  Pancake & Sausage breakfast at Jane's husband lodge.  They do these 3 or 4 times a year Jane and Hugh are so kind to share tickets with us.  We had somewhere to be by 9:30 with about a 40 minute drive in between.

Today was also Friendship Quilter's guild meeting day, being the 2nd Saturday of the month so Jane, Terri and I would shoot over on AL 78 to Pell City after we ate, leaving the husbands to fend for themselves.   We got there plenty early to have time to visit with some of the gals ahead of time and hang the Show and Tell items we had.

Jane had gotten both of the QOVs bound but the coordinator was to have made the label for it.  Jane was stitching it on at the meeting so she could leave them both with the coordinator.  The latest word is that the Veteran's Home is open on November 1 with a ribbon cutting and tour of the facility.  The guild's goal is to actually have the quilts put on the beds in anticipation of the tour.  I think THIS article will open.

One of the gals who also follows me on my blog knows how much I like to do little themed/holiday wall hangings.   She said that she wasn't really interested in Halloween as a holiday so she wanted me to have these charm packs.  There are doubles of each of the prints from Studio E and there are two packs so I guess that makes it the equivalent of a layer cake.   Cute Halloween prints. Wow, thanks Ms. Brenda!  I asked her if there was anything that I could swap with her, what she might be looking for.  She replied that it comes back to her in some manner so don't worry about it.  What a sweetie!  I WILL pay it forward.

I also won a door prize. The president thrust the basket at me and told me to draw but you are not going to believe, that out of 40 tickets I actually pulled my OWN number.  I started to put it back to draw again but they wouldn't let me.  That is where the mushroom shaped pin cushion came from and the fall fat quarter.  Two other ladies were blessed with the same (I think) contents in their bags.

I spent all day Thursday on binding that Prairie Window quilt.  Beth should have a good picture that I can share since I took it for guild show and tell.  Yesterday just some embroidery on the halloween row project from Bird Brain Designs.  Actually it is a table runner but I am not going to use it for that!  I pulled some patterns I would not be using to share with a friend from guild.   One of the Belles needed some help with a block setting question too so it took some time to find the answer and an example of what I was talking about to her.

And sew it goes.  I may sew a bit now that I am home---back to the Hopscotch quilt blocks. (see previous post).  I have more or less decided that my goal for next week is to finish quilting the other three pro bono quilts.  Then cut another pile of FWIS blocks.  Then maybe I can just play and piece for awhile again.  A couple of online friends are tempting me to want to drag out some Christmas stuff and play along with them.  We'll see!

Ignore if you are not a sports fan!
Those of you that really know me, know that I am from the Midwest originally and know I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan.  Chicago Bears for football but Cards all the way for baseball with the Atlanta Braves as my secondary team.  ( I don't care about professional basketball at all.  Hockey is for my pals Norma and Pat,  LOL)

Well, DJ and I had just gone to bed last night thinking that the Washington Nationals were probably going to win the MLB National League Divisional Series.  In fact, I knew we had started out the games down 6 runs early on but the Cards had started to chip away at that.  I knew it would be too painful for me to watch or listen to though DJ would holler out that it was 6-3, now 6-5.  I flicked the set on to see it 7-5 in the top of the 9th with 2 outs already and not sure what the count was on the batter.  Nope, not going to watch the Nationals getting all happy here in a minute.   I was making my peace with the fact that it is very hard to repeat, thank you for the good run and all that.   Get 'em next year.

Then the phone rang.  I told DJ to get it even though no one calls at that hour unless it is an emergency.  I had a feeling it was DJ's son calling to tell us that the Cardinals had pulled out another miracle, somehow, some way.  We watched the bottom of the ninth and then the network replay of the salient plays.   Wow, 4 runs to win it and the division series over a tough team that had been in first place in the National League East all year long.  Even though the Cards were defending World Series champs I think most were still picking Washington.   I am still stunned they pulled off another miracle similar to last year.   Go Cards on the next leg of the playoffs!   By then I was far to wound up to get to sleep and I was still awake at 2.  Short, short night but I don't care with news like that!

.....................AND Roll Tide!  73 yard run for the first TD of the game.

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  1. Lucky score getting those wonderful Halloween charms!


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