Oct 18, 2012

Today's project

between some cooking chores (Fish tacos with avocado sauce and homemade salsa---yummo!) and an errand or two----today's project was getting the Twister Wreath quilted up. I will still need to hand sew the binding back but the label and hanging sleeve sections are also applied. Closer to a finish in fairly quick fashion when you compare how long those donation tops waited, LOL.

Tomorrow I start cleaning, room by room, more than the high spots. Not that it needs it or anything, as my husband would say.  My pal Cindy will be coming down from TN on  Monday in order to be here for the sew-in date on Tuesday spending a couple of nights in our home.   Looking forward to it but no sewing mess for a few days---maybe some hand work with binding or embroidery but frankly I am looking forward to a little break from the machine after hitting it pretty heavy for 4 days on those donation quilts.   I've got three sew-in dates coming up on the 23rd, 26th and 27th so a break may well be in order.

And sew it goes----------


  1. delightful ! I really like the outer border you used.

  2. I love it! It looks like it perfectly fits that door! Happy cleaning as you prepare for the visit of a good friend. I am spending today and tomorrow at our guild's quilt show - set up and hanging of quilts today - demoing and take down tomorrow. It is a perfect weekend for a quilt show - pouring rain outside, beautiful quilts inside.

  3. Fish tacos....... the best I have ever had was from Rubios' ........... it is West Coast, and I think southern Florida....... they can't be beat

  4. Your Christmas Twister Wreath quilted up very nicely! Looks like you joined our little "Race" and didn't even know it - haha - ;))


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