Oct 16, 2012

some progress

The scene early Monday afternoon----last of the hearts quilted in the lower half of the quilt.  Binding applied by machine and label put on.  Skyler wasted no time in hopping over from the window perch to test it out.

This is a Faux Railroad Crossing quilt in that I used a striped fabric to make the bands rather than string pieced sections.  The striped fabric was a "Pay It Forward" selection sent to me by Over the Rainbow in Washington State.  The picnic fabric in that recent BQ1 completion came from there as well and there is still some more that I have not quite found a use for yet---but will.  I dressed it up a bit with the double heart quilting pattern.  Top was completed Jan 2011 so closer to a finish.

Same spot about 8:30 last night----Skyler is in the recliner with DJ watching TV and napping and by that I mean BOTH of them.  Binding and label to be done today.  This one is a Modified version of Prairie Window from Quiltwoman dot com meaning I left off that last border and modifed the panel and striped bands.  The sea shell fabric was in the Belles scrap bag challenge last year, the pink and brown fabrics are from my stash.  Doesn't that dark tan look like wet sand?  If you saw it up close, you would definitely agree, LOL.  I believe that the stripe came from the donation bins at our meeting place but coming from all different sources,  I think it all  "works".  This one dates to September 2011.

The next one up is Bridgecreek Blossom #2.   A Terry Atkinson pattern, I made enough blocks for a full-queen sized quilt but made two donation quilts with the output.  One has already been donated to WTIL but this one awaits.  Jan 2011---time to get it moved along.

I may be quilting my Twister Wreath sooner than I thought!


  1. I love the double heart quilting on that first quilt! You are certainly making great progress on the quilting front!

  2. I like the look of the double heart quilting in the on-point block - and the idea of striped fabric for the sashing. Skyler obviously approves - ;)) And your sea shell and "wet sand" fabrics "work" with the other stripe very well!! Two more down - WooHoo!! - ;))


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