Oct 8, 2012

WIP Monday

Today, overall has been a fairly laid back day.  PJ day literally for far longer than I should admit to.   I didn't have anywhere I needed to go.  No one was dropping by.

Oh, the laundry got done.  Files and pictures got organized a bit better.  Norma, Cher and Pat were in and out to keep me company in chat.   My mom called to tell me about their recent trip to Denver-----my oldest nephew Blake was married this weekend to a lovely girl named Julia!!  Woohoo there.  I switched out some of the summer clothes for the fall/winter wardrobe.  I fixed some Chicken Gnocchi soup to take to Belles tomorrow for an impromptu potluck with our sewing project day.  I packed up my stuff to take to Belles tomorrow.  Eventually I finally got dressed but only because I needed to go out to use the grill for supper.  We enjoyed watching the Cardinal-National game too.

Still , no sewing till 7 p.m. and even then I only did a pile of  half square triangles for 12 blocks of the Hopscotch quilt I talked about yesterday.  I had done the strip set sections last evening.

This is sorta where I am headed with the quilt though the red color you see is actually a rust fabric.  This is an old kit I had prepared who even remembers when. The fabrics are probably a little dated by 2010's standards but hey, that stuff needs to be used too.  I hope that it will make a nice lap sized quilt for someone.   This is a Terry Atkinson pattern but I had drawn it up in EQ5 some time back because I knew I was going to have to swap out my own fabrics in place of the tans, reds, greens that she lists in the cutting directions.  It is always better for me to see what I am working towards visually then read the pattern notes in that case.  There are really just 12 blocks in this thing but the pieced sashing gives the appearance of an alternate block. much like my previous Atkinson Designs Daisy Chain does. 

And sew it goes------

THX for stopping by!

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  1. I didn't start sewing until after 5:00 yesterday. I made a simple table runner (flimsy only) from Easter fabric and an Atkinson pattern. I have wanted to try that pattern for some time and last night seemed like as good a time as any. I could have cut out my Christmas Lil Twister, but, I just didn't feel like it. And after all, yesterday was one of those days where if I didn't want to do something, I just didn't. Sound familiar? LOL


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