Oct 11, 2012

WIP Thursday

Yesterday's project----get the twister wreath to flimsy.  I had asked DJ to hold it up so I could get a picture but he and Skyler were entrenched in the recliner at the time.  He didn't want to crawl out of the recliner and disturb the cat.  I just temporarily pinned it to the wall hanging on the sewing room door and snapped it that way.

Marilyn had called me last night to see if she could possibly work out a swap with me for some "green" fabric.  She is doing  that Sentimental Journey 2010 BOM from Block Central with the JOY group.  Lovely quilt, huh?   But her version will use a lovely pink floral as the focus piece and I think greens, burgundies rather than reds and browns.    What would I want in exchange? she asked.  I knew she had a bolt of backing fabric at the meeting on Tuesday and said a yard of that would be fine provided I had something that would work.  She and her mom would be over across the lane getting their hair cut at our mutual hair dresser's shop.  I was not planning on going anywhere as I ran my errands yesterday.

In advance of her trip over here, I pulled all the possible bins of greens out---some of was stuck away in the Christmas tote so I separated out the prints that screamed  "Holiday".  I knew there was a little bit in the fall basket----pulled it.  Then there was a 20 qt snap lid container in the sewing room closet and that huge combo tote under the sewing table.  We pulled some possibles or some that would add some texture to the subsequent blocks and some with a lighter shade that might work.

When you are pressed for storage space, you have to stack things and maybe move two or three things to get at what you want.  Look what was on top of my pizza box of completed BOM blocks!  I made this originally for someone's fall row robin and then didn't use it after all for some reason that I do not recall at the moment.   I have to stick this in my row quilt somewhere----or make another, just a bit smaller  I know I don't have anymore of that purple fabric if I have to blend it in.

The pattern is from Amy Bradley's "Seasoned Quilter".  Looks like she still has it on the website thought in the last chance section. As you can see, the figure is holding small themed blocks that you velcro on.  Actually I almost started on this pattern as my yearly calendar type project but then decided to do the Button Ups instead.   I'm still not "done" and will be starting into year 3 with those, come January.  I know there are 4 more I want to do and two of them are from a Joined at the Hip book.  I just need to bump up the width and they will work perfectly on my Button Up base.  One of these days I am going to do that "Seasoned Quilter" as I think it is just too, too cute!

But this is what I am really doing today.  Binding.  On Tuesday morning I was up and pressing the binding back at about 0645.  I rarely am working on quilty stuff THAT early so DJ commented on it.  Then because it was "ironing" he wanted to know why it was that I would get right on binding detail but I get all mad when he asks me to press a collar or mend something.  Well, darlin' timing is everything!   I once kept two of his cotton shirts in here to iron for months so he should know better.  He knows how to use the iron.  My big ironing board is at the meeting placed because I don't need it with my current set up.  He can get out the short table top board.   I also told him that what he wanted me to do was drudgery and this was creativity.  Which do you honestly think I would pick, hands down, any day?   That might have been stretching it a bit too---as I think binding is just a  means to an end.  My true motivation is that guild meets Saturday and I wanted to show them a finished pro bono quilt.  Good enough for me!    I know that I have been far busier piecing lately and nothing but this close to done including that wreath that won't get quilted till after the meeting.

And sew it goes--------


  1. WOW, it came out sooo nice !!! I am struggling with Fun n Done, trouble matching it all up !!! Grrrrrr!!

  2. Your Twister top is beautiful! I love that BOO block! That will be a perfect addition to the Halloween row x row.


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