Oct 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This was yesterday's view.  No sooner did I set up to machine quilt and wind some bobbins then you know who was piling on the quilt.  I had to look high and low to find that new cone of thread that I had ahem, "put in a safe place".  Skyler was taking up residence and of course, I wanted him to decide to leave on his own (he bites!) rather than me make him get down, off the quilt, whatever.

 I even went so far as to put the regular sewing foot on the machine and started laying out Hopscotch sections only to find out I had lost 2 of the HSTs.  Thankfully I found a bit of the background fabric up in the bin as it was NOT in the kit box for some reason.   After I had those whipped up he decided to vacate to the window perch for a nice long nap.  I got all the locking lines done and half the motifs I had put on the top so will finish that up today.

The Design Wall
Honestly I need to take some of this stuff down
 and put it in the Christmas pizza box.   It is looking too cluttered and there is no such thing as "design" going on.   I will be cleaning and straightening up by week's end anyway so this will be part of it.   I was trying to figure out if I even like that 2nd twister block on point----answer:  no I don't, LOL.   The two blocks on the bottom (Bed of Roses and Lazy Girl Butterfly) go into an abandoned block project.  And see the little GFG rosette that Brenda gave me?  The purple and peach fabrics will be perfect in my FWIS.  Just need to applique it down to a base and pop those little plastic templates out as I stitch, she said.
Secondary design space.

I would like to get the twister wreath quilted up if I have time this week.  There are two more quilts, slightly oversized, in the pro bono pile but maybe by Thursday or Friday if all goes well.

"Boo" could go back in the BOM box but I may leave it out since Halloween is coming.  I switched out a few wall hangings already that were more Halloween themed than fall so why not?  Eventually it or a re-done version of "it" will be in a real quilt.

This last picture is for my pal at lefthanded quilter.  I was admiring a little foundation pieced floral wall hanging she had posted.   Get this, her 1st attempt at foundation piecing and she gets a 2nd place ribbon!  She mentioned that if she were doing it today, she might have used a different sashing that than pink-rose tone on tone.  I commented that I thought I had the same print but in a yellow-gold colorway in the Hopscotch kit.  So what do you think, my friend?  Same or just similar?   I'll get back to this but it might not be till next week at the Belles sew-in.  I have two other kits pulled as well as I am Friday and Satuday day tripping at the guild retreat next week too.

Today though----finish quilting hearts in the open spaces of this flimsy.  Get done with that?  Start quilting another one----Bridgecreek Blossom or this modified Criss Cross/Prairie Window are both in the stack waiting.  All from 2011.  All this provided that Skyler doesn't take up short term residence, LOL.

And sew it goes-----------


  1. By any chance were my scissors hiding with that cone of thread? Maybe my scissors are with those missing HST's? LOL

    I once put away a quilt top, partly pieced. When I took it out to work on it months later, I patiently pieced the HST's that I thought I hadn't yet pieced, put together the quilt top and then found those HST's that had been pieced previously. You know how much I like piecing triangles! I was so mad at myself. I ended up piecing the HST's twice!

  2. Hi there - you certainly have been BUSY!! Thanks for the shout-out and photo of the yellow-gold print. If they are not a perfect match - they are REALLY close! I can't tell from the photo - but I think your leaves have more "rounded" leaf tips and mine are more "pointy" - but then again, I could be wrong - ;))


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