Oct 22, 2012

Design Wall Monday---10-22-12 edition

 I declared my part of the great fall clean up detail done after the kitchen floor was mopped.    Then I decided I was going to sew anyway and vacuum it up again if I made too big of a mess.  After all, my friend Cindy knows I sew.  Threads happen!

My design wall shows where I left off last night.  Notice that I did clear it off a good bit and filed the display pieces away for the most part?   I can drag them back again when I'm ready to sew on Christmas stuff.

I got the 12 block assembled for my Hopscotch pattern and moved on to the pieced sashing last evening taking into account that this is directional print.  This pattern is from my fav designer Terry Atkinson but is no longer shown on her website.  You can still get copies if you search them out, however sometimes in the secondary market on ebay.  The link goes to Virginia Quilter who has a good representational group of Atkinson Designs.   I know Norma found a mother lode of her patterns at a different site but I cannot find the link at the moment.   My design wall shows where I left off last night.

This bunch is pinned and ready to feed into the machine.  I don't know how much more of this I will do today.  I had planned to work on it at the sew-in day on Tuesday but I also have two other kits pulled should I exceed my expectations.  There is a small pieced square border so I know I will have to make a few more strip sets for that deal.   Borders, period, are not my favorite part of the deal to begin with but I'll keep plugging till the top gets done sometime this week.  A long time kit will be completed to something usable for a young person which is the most important part.  OR it could be a comfort quilt for Friendship Quilters as well.   Think that peach looks too girly so it is not as unisex as I had hoped?

And sew it goes---------

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