Oct 25, 2012

Moving along

 Hopscotch top finished up---what I had been working on at the Tuesday sew-in.

Then I moved on to the revised Debby Kratovil Chantal quilt that I wrote about back in THIS POST a few months back.  It is originally designed as a square quilt featuring fabrics from Blank Quilting.  If you like square quilts, you can find the original pattern on the Quilter by Design site HERE along with others from Ms. Kratovil. 

The pieces are large so the assembly is minimal---mine will finish at 7.5 inches to get the size I need for a WTIL quilt in an on-point set.  The diagonal of the blocks always adds a little bit more to the length and width of a quilt.  I cut the background colors over sized so that I will not have to add another border, floating the design.  Using one of the charts for setting triangles I just go about 2 inches bigger than my block actually finishes.  Here is one such reference chart from Bethany Reynolds website.  I keep a copy from Fons and  Porter's Quilters Complete Guide right in easy reach hanging off the sewing room pegboard along with some other often used information.

Then when it comes to piecing I use a picture of my quilt and fold it to isolate a row at a time to keep me on track.  I do this particularly with on point sets but sometimes it helps in standard piecing as well.

This should not take long to put together but I can finish up at the sew dates if I don't get it done by time to pack up this evening.   I have a couple of things pulled for the retreat so I can go one of two directions depending-----"boring" strip sets to sub-cut for a Eleanor Burn's re-sized Twin Sisters or 12 inch sampler blocks  from a class I used to teach at Hancock Fabrics.   

 I still need to make something "snacky" to take with me and take care a few other things here at home.  We'll see how far I get!

And sew it goes---------


  1. Nice finished flimsy!

    I love the suggestion of working from a picture of your quilt, folding each row back as you go.

    Have fun at the retreat today!

  2. I like your Hopscotch quilt - and I agree that it's a little too "peach" for a boy - but great for a girl. As for "boring" strip sets vs. sampler blocks - for me it would depend on how much talking vs. thinking I intended to do - haha - ;))


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