Oct 7, 2012

more twisting

Here is the finished up Halloween row---first of about 7 or 8 we have planned.

You may be wondering what size the block 2 x 2 grid blocks finishes with 5 inch cut squares and 3 inch border sections----9 inch finished, 9.5 with seam allowances.  Nice size for a row quilt if you are involved in one with your quilt group.

Norma and I were debating about how wide we wanted to make our rows.  I said I was going to start with 36 inches and adjust with spacers and/or make more blocks if I change my mind, aiming for lap sized quilt.  Our inspiration piece has a silhouette of a tree in a night sky but I don't know if I will do that part----we'll see. 

I got the Christmas wreath base seamed together and started cutting so the girls can see what this might look like "in person".   leaving the last bits uncut for demo purposes.  I think they will be able to see what is going on with the cutting, leaving me a bit to cut and finish up.  Even if I DID cut out my whole piece, I could offer to starting cutting a row on theirs, LOL.

 I am debating about what I want to do for the rest of the evening.  I am tempted to just pull out out another pro bono quilt kit and just keep piecing.   There are two kind of girlie looking quilts in reach of my desk, one that revised Chantal quilt from Debby Kratovil.

The other kit uses some leftovers from one of the Belles in an aqua, pink, soft green and yellow Oriental palette that has been cut out far longer.  I am sort of re-thinking my original plan of huge 4 patches on point in sort of a zigzag set.  They could easily become Puss in the Corner blocks instead----and still go on point since I have the setting triangles already cut out.   Or Disappearing 4 patch would work too.   You will have to scroll allllll the way down to see my previous QOV version.   With such ambivalence it might be better to just grab the other one, LOL and mull this over a bit more.

There is also a call out for unisex teen sized quilts for a friend of a friend's project and needed by Christmas.   I might be able to fill if I pull out a kit from the sewing room closet .  So maybe that long cut out Hopscotch pattern from my favorite designer Terry Atkinson may finally see the light of day?? Think I'll pull that puppy out and see "what's up" with it.   Never a lack for something to do, that's for sure!  Almost time to head out to the kitchen and fix supper too.   Creativity can wait, LOL.


  1. your twisters are looking awesome!

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