Oct 3, 2012

how I spent that last two days............

..............Erik the Red and I have been machine quilting.   Aline pieced the top, Jane helped out with some of the fabrics and batting.   I quilted it and put the binding on by machine about 9 p.m. Tuesday.  Jane will finish up the binding hand work.

The quilt measures about 60 x 90 as that was the size that the coordinator requested for the veteran's home beds.  DJ has some problems with his shoulder so could not hold it up for too long or high enough to be a decent picture of it.  Hence you get a nice shot of the coffee table, his reading selections and the half covered  fall table runner I put on it, LOL.

So I tried a shot on the bed---------not much better.  All in the ditch except the borders where I did 2 inch apart piano keys.  All the block centers have something in them too--either another star or a heart.  Of course some of those are pieced so I would have "ditched" them anyway.  I treated the 6 little lone star things like a Lemoyne Star so they would pop a bit too.

And then a shot of the quilting from the back-----

You can kind of understand why I am leaning towards cutting instead of quilting today??  I do need to cut out some squares to do a twister wreath for Belles next week as I told the girls they can borrow my Lil Twister tool if they pieced the base part.   (Demo how it is done for those that were not at group last time.)  I  also want to cut some Halloween squares so I can do the row squares this weekend with my FAB pals.   It won't take long!  Maybe a stand up job between quilting--stretch the legs and move around a bit?   OR I can start putting a few stitches in the Halloween stitchery row.   I am so torn.


  1. Beautiful job of quilting on this wonderful quilt.

  2. You did a wonderful job on the quilting! That is a large quilt to do in the ditch quilting on a DSM! I know DJ has shoulder issues; do you also now have shoulder issues after quilting that one?


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