Sep 30, 2012

FWIS 21-30

I just finished up block #30 so it is time to show you Blocks 21-30 and share a little about them.  I will be quilting this coming week with a little cutting for a Lil Twister Christmas wreath project and/or Halloween twister row thrown in for a weekend project with my FAB pals.  Until I get a bunch more --like, the next 20?-- blocks cut out, this project is temporarily on hold.

Block 21  #66 Periwinkle  (FWS book)
I used fabrics that had once belonged to my friend Theramae who passed away several years back.  This was pieced conventionally and actually I went together much more easily than I thought.   Some of the gals on the yahoo group had foundation pieced it so that was the fall back position.  I DID stitch around the outside edge of the block to stabilize it since I could not figure out how to cut it for the grain lines to be in the proper place.

Block 22  #3143 (BlockBase) 8 Points in a Square--pieced and then button hole appliqued to the base.
I had fun playing in the pink bin pulling fabrics for this block!   I knew from making one of these before that I needed to extent the EQ template and square it off to make that nice sewn-in point and no raw edge.  I also extended the length of the template so it would lessen the size of the circle required at center.

Block 23  #1853 (BlockBase)  Walls of Jericho.   I picked this one as it should look good on point.  Purple and green is always a fav choice too.  Foundation pieced  

Block 24 #9 Box (FWS book)  I shared about this the other day when piecing or cutting was not going so well.  'Nuff said, LOL.

Block 25--#56 Maple Leaf (FWS book)  Marti Michell templates except for that stem part which was foundation pieced.  I adapted the original 9 patch design as Michell suggested.

Block 26   H 035 Modified Puss in the Corner  (BlockBase) but I tweaked it.  Foundation pieced.
You can see how well that turned out.  This one will need to be re-done as I have an iron stain and a wonky segment there in the upper right.  I love the fabric but it was not easy matching this all up even with foundation piecing.   It also undersized.   SIGH.  Try again or substitute another block.

Block 27  #1851 Greek Cross (BlockBase)   Conventionally pieced.
I think that the background is a little much but I am going to let that go for now.  I love that Vintage Modern but I don't know that it necessarily works for these small babies.  This is the end block for Row 5

Block 28  #93 Swallow (FWS book)  First block of row 6.  
This one is a bit blendy too but I think the aqua shows up better in person.  Conventionally pieced---well, I did use some thangles!! but other than that, LOL.

Block 29  #90 Storm Signal (FWIS book)
Definitely foundation pieced as this does not section out like you would think.  Pieced QST's and then a HST to finish it off.  I used a piece of vintage appearing fabric in the black (from my mom?)  while the "light" print was a recent find at Wilson's in Boaz--some of my birthday money purchase.  The gold print is from my 30's reproduction stash.

Block 30   #4 Basketweave---actually this is one that I borrowed from a fellow blogger Starwood Quilter called Three By Three from Maggie Malone's 5500 Quilt Block Designs.    Even kinda, sorta went with her colorway too.  As easy as this was, I still managed to mess it up as I had switched machines and 1/4 inch  seam allowance was eluding me, etc.  I gave up and foundation pieced it but had to take the other one apart first as I had used two yellow charms and one orange charm of Riveria II----and that is all I had!  I even had to patch up two of the yellow rails to squeeze them out.  Hey, if it worked my quilting foremothers it will work for me!

I will tell you that I did cut out a Lemoyne Star that I was going to try to include.  I love the fabric that I chose for it so I will do it but not today!  The pairs went together easily.  The first y-seam was passable but the 2nd was not.  I set it aside for down the line when I have a different machine out---or I may try hand piecing it even.

Next thing I know it will be time to fix supper.  I need to get started on that QOV I said I would quilt for Aline and Jane--maybe even bind it as Aline will be going out of town.  I think they hope to turn it in at the next meeting on the 13th but I may be wrong.  Always something!

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