Sep 26, 2012

.......but I wanna sew

My little half done Four T's block had been waiting since Saturday afternoon.

No sewing on Sunday or Monday though I wanted to.  It just didn't happen.  Tuesday meeting days are normally busy and I have things to follow up with once I am home.    Sometimes that might mean just putting away the stuff that I drug to the meeting with me, LOL.   I did finally finish this up while I watched the NCIS season premiere, Parenthood and followed along with the Cardinals-Astros game.

This is block 19 of my FWIS quilt----I piece one more and I'll show the group of 10 that I have been working on.  The next one up has pieced and appliqued elements but I have the applique already prepped and in the envelope, waiting.

Sunday was just a lost day creatively with laundry, grocery errands, meals to fix.   Recharge the batteries, I guess.

Monday was just plain busy getting ready to quilt.  A look in my closet with the quilt tops waiting and you will see why this needed addressed.   My partially done "My Sunshine" set aside this past May and shown in this post  is waiting.  My recently finished PopStix is hanging with backing that needs to be pieced so we can run it to the long armer----Aline and Marilyn are probably taking one (some) of their tops as well.  Then we have 4 WTIL donation tops---all that need marked in some manner and/or batting pieced.  Then we have one more pro bono top that is going to Friendship Quilters and 3 personal projects that have been waiting a good bit too.  I spend time piecing and then the quilting just waits.........and waits.  We won't even get into the 3 projects that need hand quilting done and are stalled out.

So I marked.   This Romance Challenge fabric top was completed way back in December 2010.

Bridgecreek Blossom and Modified RR Crossing, both Jan. 2011.

Then we have the Beachy modified Prairie Window dating back to September 2011.

Most of them can be seen in the 2011 Flimsy tab so I won't link back to the quilts I just mentioned.

Then we had this mess.    One of the girls had handed me a bag with some batting scraps in it recently.  The other bits are cutaways or the last of the batting roll that needed to be joined.   I got together two batts worth.  Just like putting together a patchwork puzzle in some cases but you are just tossing money away if you do NOT do it.   3 of my quilts were over-sized meaning wider than the standard 48 wide batting that we use.    Whatever ones I did not piece to fit my larger quilts is labeled waiting in the bin at the  meeting site.

We really hit it with the pinning yesterday!  I only expected to pin maybe half of my quilts but we did all 4.  Brenda had two tops, Lois and Jane each one.

I also demo'd  how to cut with a Lil Twister ruler and shared a Christmas wreath idea.  Maybe I posted it here---can't remember.  I told the girls if they wanted to cut one out and piece their base that Jane and I would bring our rulers for them to temporarily borrow. They could cut the twist-y part to make one next time.  You can either check my pinterest file or try this one on the quilting board site for the "before square layout" and the finished wreath pictures.  That IS the pattern as we assume you will know how to place your twister ruler and cut around it.

And here is the final bit of distraction for me.  I told you that Norma and I are definitely going to do a Halloween row quilt.  Cher and Pat are going to join us in this endeavor---at least in part.  My Bird Brain Witches Hooray pattern arrived with their nice heavy weight muslin to trace it on to.  Norma and I both plan on a stitchery row and this was my choice of pattern.

But first, I  have to do some paper work and figure out what the heck we are going to do for lunch today.  Run an errand or two in the map dot we live near.

Then I can sew on Block 20 one of my choosing 1495 Southern Moon---appropriate, I thought.  Should find ones that are named Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin---all the states I have lived in but don't have a bazillion pieces too.  6 inch block, after all.

Best get to it and figure out what it is that Skyler is wanting since he is sitting by the mouse and whapping me with his tail---and has been for 10 minutes now!  Get with the program, kitty mama!

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  1. thanks for posting your l'il twister link! I hopped over there and took a i wanna make more twister quilts! :)


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