Sep 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Not much happening here though I am sort of surprised that I got THAT much of a block stitched up yesterday!  You see, the "squirrel---shiny object" was out in full force, LOL.

BTW the block is called Flower Pot, Brackman assigned #709 source: KC Star 1937.  I still have to join the sections and foundation pieced it though that was a choice, not a necessity.  Being a 5 x 5 grid can be a little tricky if your finished block is 6 inches. I knew my HST triangle units would have to be trimmed down anyway.  Just hope it all meets up like it should.   After the recent less than wonderful results, I am paranoid about it.

So what is the distraction?  It being the weekend my pal Norma were chatting like we often do.  The other three FABS were off in their own pursuits or just hadn't popped up yet in IM.  Norma and I along with Cher are planning to do something with our twister rulers, big or small, on an upcoming weekend to be determined.   Norma was telling me that she thought that piecing the whole top of squares and then cutting it up a little hard to manage.  The bulk of the quilt wants to pull away, maybe it is hard to spread it out on her cutting surface.  She was considering doing them in groups of 4 as she has seen this done on a blog somewhere.  She looked for the examples to show me on my end.

Actually this makes sense to me ---that little Christmas wall hanging I did for Christmas in July used just 4 charm squares  though we did them a row.  It would not be much different if you arranged them side by side.

Norma sent me off to with instructions to "scroll down to the pink and green (twister quilt) one"  Okay, I see how the block idea would work. There are a lot of cool quilts and projects that group was working on---bookmarking the site, put it in feeds!!

Here is a link for a gorgeous table runner she directed me to.

HMMMM again.   Do I still want to do summery placemats??  I was still thinking about twister Christmas wreaths.  Here is a simple one that takes about 25 squares of fabric. BEFORE you whack it up   and then see the AFTER right below it along with the finished version.  I also found a free Pinwheel Wreath pattern available in a pdf file that has got to be very similar but more squares involved.    I even pulled out some Christmas fabric later that I could try this.  

 So far Norma had not led me too far astray.  After all, I had told the Belles that I would show them how to use the Twister rulers at the next meeting.  A small project idea may be the ticket for the demonstration and something usable in the holiday season.  I found a big pile of charm squares leftover from my Christmas Patience Corner so there are all kinds of possibilities.

Then she found this Halloween row quilt---also on that link.   OH OH, I was in trouble and I was dragging her down with me.   It is not my image to post here so I will link you to the photo  or if that won't open then try this one and keep scrolling down.    Okay, there is a row of twisters in there done up as blocks.  But you can almost tell where this is going, can't you?

I love row quilts, we both love that Halloween row quilt.  Chances are this was a pass around project and there is no available pattern.  We can do a Halloween row quilt---we both have patterns, books, magazines, EQ.  Not sure how much fabric I would have for a Halloween row quilt but there is some up there.    Connecting Threads has a cute row too called Spooktacular Row but sold as a kit.  Click on "view more images" to see the quilt opened up instead of artfully arranged.  Cool fabrics in there too.  I love the cat row!

So I was off to collect Halloween pattern possibilities in EQ, Norma was off to look at patterns and books.  I think this might be a "go" for some weekend in October even if we both just do a twister row then.  No, not done for this year.  Conversation to be continued!

Thanks Norma for the inspiration.  With all the wedding preparations, and staying on task, it had been a little while since we could surf and dream together.  What fun!

Today's plan for me:  finish the block above and I think a variation of Puss in the Corner follows after that.  but I got the thangles out for that one and just cut strips.  Another pinwheel type element at center--oh, boy!  Wish me luck!

I will be going with Jane on Thursday to help set up the Gadsden Quilt show and then go up Saturday evening to help with take down/bring my quilts home.  Best get some sewing in this week while I can or even cut out something for a Wreath.  That base won't take long to whip up.  And sew it goes-------

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  1. I am not a fan of the Twister ruler. I simply don't like the idea of buying a special ruler so that I can cut blocks with bias on all of the sides. I make mine like Anita Grossman Solomom's "No-Waste Windmill" - it's basically just a "wonky" four-patch - ;))


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