Sep 2, 2012

what happened to "B" button?

What did you do with it, Blogger!?  I want my favicon and nav bar back!!

I know I just changed my blog template but that was only because the two said items were missing more than anything.
The template says that they are there..........but they are not visible.  You cannot click and drag them around. You cannot eliminate them either.

Then I started looking at some blogging friends addy's----they don't have them either?  When did that happen?  Did they tell us they were changing it?  I don't care if I am not mobile or dynamic.  Just quit making it harder to post!

I use the B (favicon) button to get to   and nav bar to search my blog primarily for the archived posts that missed labeling.  It helps when posting and I need to refer back.  At least the post settings are is not trying to dock when I am trying to use it for the moment anyway.

For now I added a google gadget in the sidebar for that purpose.   My most immediate thought is that they want us all to migrate to Google + badges and +1 since those are two new gadgets------oh and be available to others on mobile devices.  Trying to make inroads into Facebook territory?  +1 sounds like pinterest to me.  I get a big Blue B button instead of the orange one I want back?

 Ipads, android phones, tablets etc are NOT going to be happening at my house as I cannot afford it.  It annoys me that everyone just assumes you have one and takes the attitude that you are living in the dark ages if you don't.  SIGH.  


  1. I see the "B" button and navbar on your blog. I looked at the html code and the navbar appears to be created by Javascript. Perhaps you turned off the Javascript option in your web browser.

  2. HMMMM--well I am glad that someone can see it, LOL. I don't think that I changed my java script option BUT you never know since I just upgraded to the latest version of java. I don't spot it in either chrome or firefox. Don't use IE but nope, not there either. THX Susan for shedding some light!

  3. I can see it too. I wonder if you have it set to "hide" unless the cursor is over it?


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