Sep 3, 2012

off on another tangent?

I don't know who's bright idea it was to hand quilt around 29 water melon seeds (that's a lie----it was me, only me). Other than pulling fabrics for another project that is all I got done in the creative department yesterday. UGH! This was just not an enjoyable process and took way longer than it should have because the backing was hard to needle and pull the quilters' knot through.  When sewing a bead on the blackbird for the eye was the easiest part of the job, then you know it is not going to be much fun.  I am done now and the last of the quilt show entries is labeled, in the pillow case and waiting on quilt pick up or deliver to a Gadsden Quilt Guild member (Click on the tab for 2012 finishes or see THIS POST for the August Button Up if you don't know what I am talking about)

Do not get me wrong though. I love to hand quilt---always have and always will, way more than machine quilting. I machine quilt out of necessity, if I ever want to get something done in this lifetime. Some of the old projects that have gotten done 10 and 12 years later would still be waiting.  My old row robin is a perfect example of waiting "forever"  Or Pioneer Sampler---6 years later from top to quilt.   The list goes on.

I was debating the other day of how many more of these Button Ups I might do.  LOL, I have 7 of them entered in the show leaving three others at home.  Now that I finished the row robin (and it fits on the base) summer is covered.  January through April are completed.  Other than a Thanksgiving turkey,  the fall season is lacking in representation.  I want to do the May basket one and the October one since it could be hung for Halloween---black cat and pumpkin.   Or maybe got for the "Happy Halloween" one instead since I like it better??  Then I am considering doing a multi-purpose fall one but will need to bump up the width from 18 inches to 22 inches to fit the base.  Joined at the Hip's book Folk Art Favorites has a Harvest Door Banner that has really caught my eye and has both a sunflower and a pumpkin eliminating the need for a September sunflower Button Up and a November pumpkins Button Up.    I can totally see me doing that towards the end of the month!

I mentioned the "Fun and Done!" Criss Cross pattern in a recent post.  It just hit me that the guild's "impromptu" Sit and Sew is THIS week----just days away.  I have to get to cutting it out IF I plan on working on this project at that time.  I want to demo it at Belles on the 11th as well---- double whammy.  and I am off on another tangent.

Yesterday I pulled a bunch of the fabrics that might work in it, including the fat quarters from the guild birthday draw.  Some donation fabrics and some that have been around for quilt a while may have found a home. That chocolate with olive green vine will be the backing and the folded over sashing bits.   I have also pulled the batting bits from the closet after the picture was taken.  You can use fat quarters or quarter yard cuts for this.  I am not entirely sure what all these cuts are but they say to pair them up in pleasing combinations with both of them right sides up and then cut the rectangles as listed in the pattern.   I'll have to press them at some point.  I've read the pattern through about 3 times now so I know where I am headed with it.  I've got a new blade in the rotary cutter.  You know what today's goals are, don't you?

I could also go get groceries but I am apt to procrastinate that for another day since I do have something I can fix for supper.  We are not out of anything that we can't do without either.  What's another day?  It is quite overcast this morning and we did have some rain during the night.  DJ said 3/4 inch, according to our gauge.  Stay home and off the roads.

The holiday weekend will make it confusing as to what day it was.  DJ and I both felt like yesterday was Monday.  Now today it IS Monday but it will seem like a Sunday as nothing is open and the mail won't come.  Makes me wonder what day Tuesday will feel like---back to Monday again??  LOL.  I hope those traveling for the last summer blow out will have a safe trip home.


  1. I know you made progress today..nice to see the fabrics you are using!

  2. Tangents are good - I'm always off on one - and I like shiny things and squirrels, too - haha - ;))


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