Sep 29, 2012

Saturday check in

 The resident cat was conked out on the bed till I went in to check on him---and re-load a recharged battery into the camera.  I caught him mid-yawn and meow so it looks like he was baring his fangs at me, LOL.  He relocated to the window perch right after the picture taking as though he would be a safe from the flash over there.

I've been piddling around the house today doing little home tasks and such.   A sewing room vacuuming was top priority as I had been paper piecing a good bit in past days and the floor looked like it!

I had the sewing table free as I was preparing to  swap out machines so took the time to mark the Halloween stitchery.  So far the only sewing I have done is stitching down the 3 non-selvage sides of this piece so it will not un-ravel.

I am up to block 27 on my FWIS endeavors.  26 will need to be re-done or replaced as I got an iron stain on it plus one segment is a little wonky.  Wonky enough that you can tell that the piece is crooked.  A little demoralizing  after spending the better part of an afternoon working on it.  Thankfully, the one I finished up with was a variation of a wrench type block and it went so much better---fewer pieces to mess up too.  You will see it soon enough.

Actually I was down to one kitted up envelope but the block it contained has been moved down to one of the lower, later rows.  I cut out three more to get to the 30.  At this point I am a quarter of the way done.  I will be putting this aside for a short time.  Jane and Aline are pinning a QOV top up for me to quilt as I type this probably.  If they plan on getting this turned in before the facility opening I will need to quilt it up for them fairly soon.  Monday and Tuesday probably.  I play with my 3 blocks today and Sunday in other words.

There is supposedly some rain on the way in and I wish it would just get it over with.  I want those fall temps again and lower humidity.  I let my hair air dry today and you would not believe how curly it is---ringlets in the underneath layers.  Why bother with the hot blow dryer if it is going to do something like it is did anyway?

Well, off to whip up a block called Swallow---odd looking thing that dates back to 1929.  Fits my vintage type plan anyway.

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