Sep 26, 2012

FWIS 11-20

Okay---2nd batch of 10 Farmer's Wife Inspired Sampler Blocks. 91 to go, LOL.  All 6 inch finished blocks.  The last one I posted is the first block in row 5, this thing being on point. In other words, I have a long way to go.  Any number other than 1-111 indicates one that I have added to the mix, and NOT included in the book by Laurie Aaron Hird.

Block 11
3418 The Whirling Pinwheel----you saw this one before I had straighted out a flipped piece.  The green wedge as I recall.

Block 12
From the book #69 Practical Orchard but I did a quick piecing trick actually maybe one even suggested by Marti Michell

Block 13
709 Flower Pot

Block 14
71 Puss in the Corner variation----and this one will probably be re-done as it is "too blendy"  My friend Brenda said to keep for now and decide later if it needs replaced.  I like the aqua and used it in PopStix but the red looked more solid to me when I was cutting it out.  The book did not call for the pinwheel bit at center either.

Block 15
31 Evening Star  Kind blah actually

Block 16
91 Strawberry Basket but I used some quick tricks making this a variation from the book

Block 17
1856 Crazy Ann    I had to start over on this one but am pleased with the results once I foundation pieced it.

Block 18
107 Windblown Square.  There is another in the book just like it but in one color flying geese and parellogram shapes called 102 Whirlpool BUT they did the whole deal with 16 HST units.. This aqua and red combo worked better than the one above.

Block 19
2650 Four T's.  My FAB pals may recognize some of this purple fabric as we used it as one of our first challenge projects.  Joann's had some of that yardage that has 4 or 5 bands of different purple fabrics and we had to use a bit of every one in a project making a gift for one of the FABS.  See THIS POST to see how Pat and I used it.  There is still one piece that did not make the cut on this block though.

Block 20
1495 Southern Moon----literally hot off the press with this one and just in time for me to start supper.   That center circle looks just a bit oblong to me but I am NOT taking it apart especially since I did a fair amount of re-sewing to get it finished.   Various sewing goof-ups.  IIWII

Next up # 66 Periwinkle---some have foundation pieced this one but I am going to TRY it by standard methods first and re-do it if I have to.  I think by the time I get done with the next 10 or the end of row 5 selections, I am going to give strong consideration to pre-sashing these blocks and joining rows.

Okay, off to deal with some pork chops--------


  1. lots of wonderful work in those:)

  2. Just lovely, ...all of them. Love the colors.


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