Sep 12, 2012

Meeting date

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the Belles meeting date.   As I may have mentioned. I was going to show the girls how to use the Batting Buddy templates that went with this particular Fun & Done! quilting pattern.  I actually doubled my output over the one I produced on Saturday at the "sit and sew" event, LOL.  One more in a darker background  and I wil have enough for a grouping of 4.  Woohoo!

I have a feeling that I will end up doing a grouping of the four like sections so there is a bit more continuity.  Rein in the chaotic appearance of the Criss Cross cover quilt a bit.  I think Bev may have borrowed the template set thing but I can do without it. and use my regular ruler.  It is there for all of our use after all.   I decided yesterday that I want 505 or similar temporary batting adhesive if I am going any further with this.  Doing a sew and flip thing it would be too easy to leave a pin in the batting or sew/attempt to cut through when trimming.

Bev, Beverly and Lois all had quilts to pin.  Actually Bev had a couple of donation quilts to pin but silly me had totally forgotten that I needed to get the other half roll of batting out of our storage shed.  If I had done it while I was thinking about it, I would have had to ride around with it in the back seat of my car for two weeks.  Oops!  Since Bev's main concern should be finishing up the items she is making for Christmas gifts, I suggested she wait on those till I get the roll delivered.  Lois had just enough for her two plus some leftover that I will seam here at home for a couple of my over-sized donation tops.   Maybe next meeting.    Others in the group had other tasks keeping them busy.  Most of us left for lunch and then out to  Hobby Lobby before we headed back or towards home.

There were no finished quilts turned in so I really don't have pictures to share this time out.  Aline was kind enough to bring me some fabrics that she wanted to share for possible inclusion in my sampler quilt.  THX a bunch!  If not for this project, then surely for something down the line.  I sorted through it by color when I got home.  Those little 6 inch sampler blocks won't take a whole lot of fabric and some of these will be perfect, theme wise.

I started off my day yesterday by sewing in my p.j's till it was almost too late to get out the door---a little cherry basket that I wanted to add a handle to.  I basted that down at the meeting and finished the applique on it this morning.  As soon as I get another one finished up, I'll post the first 5.

I had asked the girls on the Farmers Wife yahoo group how they took pictures of their blocks since I could not find a spot where I could get a head-on, good light shot of the block. Not the skewed on the desk top or floor view.  A decent picture.   Later I thought I could temporarily take down a small wall hanging that is on a wire hanger and hooked over the pegs of a wooden shelf unit.  It is right across from the bedroom door and certain times of the day I have good light there.  I could rig up a plain backdrop with some fabric, maybe run a line of stitching for a pocket even.  Another suggested I just scan them----that might just work till I figure something out.

Well, something called #106 Wild Rose & Square needs my attention.  THX for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the instructions on Fun N Done, I can't wait to start mine now .

  2. You could pin the finished block to your design wall and take a head-on picture of it there. Now ask me if I thought of doing that for my LHQSQ blocks - haha - ;))


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