Sep 23, 2012

My entries in the show

Here are my entries in the show------you followers have already seen these 7 button ups but it was unusual for me to see them up in one spot. I have 4 more at home---and 4 more that I want to make.

I also had a finished bed quilt to enter this year.  My Pioneer Sampler Plus.  It was in the pieced and quilted by one person category and won a blue ribbon.  I surely did not expect that!  My Daisy Chain from the year prior I thought was fair better executed but it did not get any recognition other than Gary telling me, it would have been his choice in the judging.  Anyway, my points and joins are good.  It hangs straight and flat.  The quilting is pretty basic stitch in the ditch though I did a nice cable in the outside.  30's fabric often solicit the comment that it "looks like a quilt" since it reminds them of something their granny made or a quilt they grew up with.    The little sliver of fabric that had to be added to the Single Wedding Ring block must not have counted against me.

Over the years I have gotten quite a few 3rd place ribbons for various wall hangings and misc. items.  I have 4 -2nd place ribbons also tacked up on my bulletin board.  This is my first blue ribbon of a quilt made by me.  I may have gotten a blue one before at their very first show but it was a quilt that was made FOR me and I sent that one on to the woman who had done the assembly  and quilting . It is a reversible pink and purple log cabins on the front and SBS with the remaining log cabin blocks on the back and the members of a quilt list I used to moderate made it for me.

I got home last night and told DJ that I had been awarded a 1st place ribbon and opened up the quilt so he could see which entry.  Skyler wasted no time at all in getting his kitty self on the quilt and playing with the ribbon.

Here are my two boys with the quilt.  Of course, DJ's interest was far more involved in whatever was on TV.  Skyler would have stayed on there as long as I would let him.  It was far too warm in the house to have a quilt on the lap!!

 They say that parts of north Alabama might be down in the high 30's tonight.  Doubtful here but guess we'll see come morning.  It was 54 degrees when I got up this morning.  Definitely a fall feel in the air.

I never did get any sewing done today though I certainly intended to do so.  I had finished block 17 of my FWIS yesterday morning and started 18 (Four T's) before Jane and Terri came to pick me up to go for take down.  I took one look at the floor this morning and knew I would have to vacuum up my mess.  I had foundation pieced the last two blocks and it looked like it had snowed in here.  What's more, I was tracking that mess all over the house.  Between laundry, grocery run, fixing meals and finally typing up the guild minutes now blog posts, the day has really flown.

There you have it--------


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! "Looks like a quilt" - gotta love it!! - ;))

  2. wow...I can't believe this is your first blue ribbon, all your quilts deserve them in my opinion! well done my happy for you!


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