Sep 21, 2012


 Late last week I had ordered a couple of Riviera II charm packs thinking I would either use them for summer placemats or maybe use them in some manner in my FWIS quilt----depending on the prints of course.  Some of these are less subtle than others, after all!  I had also ordered some go-with yardage called Bikini Dot in Spring Green.  The dot IS really subtle but you can see it better if you look for #4946 on the website link.

Here is what came!  Quilter's Candy Basic in what might be called Persimmon #3942.  Check the label though.

Anyway, hooray for the Connecting Threads Customer Service Representative.  The correct order is placed and she said to keep the fabric, donate it whatever.  No need to send it back even though they have instructions for doing so.  She said it costs them more to correct their error in the long run as returns go to Columbus, OH and they are based in Vancouver, WA.  I said I had a Halloween project planned so this looked like pumpkins to me and thanked her.

DJ had the same thing happen last week with a pair of overboots I had ordered on his behalf.  I messed up and entered the wrong size and did not discover my error till it was too late.  I called customer service back immediately with the order number---the CSR said she would fix it when the order came in.  She didn't and the wrong ones came.  When DJ called to correct it, they talked as though they would send a return, pick up slip for them.  Instead he got a note to keep them, donate them, but there was no need to send them back.   I am probably going to drop them in one of the donation bins the next time into town.

My error, their error--they don't want their stuff back.  Do they just write this off as the cost of doing business then?

Norma and I put our heads together this morning and decided what we want to do for our Halloween Row quilt.  So yes, I do have a Halloween quilt in the works!    I wrote up a document just to record what we were thinking of doing at least at this point in time anyway, LOL.  Never know about us!

We both want to do some blackwork stitchery for our versions.  She has ordered a Halloween Fun pattern she tracked down on FB after finding the pictures on the page of A Quilter's Oasis and asked the pattern resource.  (Apparently there is a group that does redwork at the shop).   I like that one too but I elected to get one from Bird Brain Designs that is actually the center table of a Halloween table runner.  8 x 20 so that should work well for my needs with some filler around it and perhaps some other Halloween or Fall motifs.   We both have patterns to draw from for the other elements.  A bat from this one, a pumpkin from that---options of foundation piecing or appliqueing.  They won't be twin quilts by any means!!  Row of the month or more.  I think we will start with that twister row though since Cher, Pat, Norma and I were going to do something with our lil twister rulers anyway sometime next month.  Looking forward to it!

So far I have not even started my re-do of Crazy Anne though I certainly intended to do so yesterday.  Robert Kaufman's free patterns captured my attention.  Actually I started because I was looking for the pattern link I gave you yesterday for the Mary's Triangles thing in solids---it might be on the designer patterns though.  Still I was finding things to download--for another day.

Whirligigs was one that caught my eye since I do have a Spools block to do further down in my FWIS quilt. I like the looks of the alternate block too though. 8 pointed pinwheel but it looks kinda square they way it is sitting in the block and not so much dresden plate appearing.  HMMMM.  See if I can resize this.

Well that Crazy block is not going to get done if I don't get to sewing.  I'll be going back up tomorrow afternoon to get pictures of the quilt show and then help take it down.  Question is, will Gary let us start earlier than 5:30??

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