Sep 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday

 You know you have done little sewing when the only things on your design wall have been up there for quite a while including this little #77 Seasons (Album Cross, really) variation that will go in my FWIS.   I have got to come up with a better way of taking my FWIS pictures before I post them on here or the yahoo group (or Flickr group).

BUT that stack of 4 triple rail blocks were what I whipped up last night and only to check where to line up the presser foot on the "new to me" Kenmore to obtain a 1/4 inch seam allowance.    I tell you---this thing is right on the money!  Once pressed the entire center seam measures exactly what it should mathematically!   Color me "thrilled"!  This might be perfect for sewing the 6 inch blocks especially since a single hole needle plate is suggested when sewing such small pieces.  My Brother, while I love the way it sews ordinarily, is known to chew the edges of the fabric a bit sometimes because I cannot necessarily see where to line it up   That is a pain when you are trying to chain piece.  You must hold on to both threads before you start sewing too which is no big deal but you pay for it with a thread snarl if you don't.  Erik the Red doesn't do that and sews just fine "in the air"

I had a horrid headache much of the day yesterday.  Woke up with it and no meds I threw at it seemed to be helping.  You have got to love the cooler nights but between the cool night air from outside, fall pollens and fans constantly blowing on me, I paid for it.  I was glad that I had run the grocery errands on the way back from the sew-in on Saturday as I sure didn't feel like it yesterday!  As it was I missed going to a friend's 60th birthday party.  Much better today, thankfully.

BUT I did cut a few more blocks for the FWIS reaching 25 to stitch, for a start.  (Originally I was going to cut 10 and just kept going.)  I made such a huge mess of the fabric bin that I pulled everything out, separated it out by color, pulled some more strips and such out of the Popsicle Sticks bin too since I was yanking from there too.  What doesn't fit in the dedicated FWIS bin went back in the leftover PopStix bin anyway.  At least that one is not bulging at the seams, LOL.  I had already placed the half yard pieces of the selected Vintage Modern in the bin.  Next to it you see some of Theramae's vintage looking fabrics that will go in there at some point.   Well, the orange and blue one on top isn't hers but it still looks vintage to me!    There are a couple others in the peach/orange bins too but trust me, I would be back to bulging if I stuck them in there.  I know they are there if they are to be included down the line.

This morning I fiddled a bit more on the machine to test out the zig zag and decorative stitches,   I found that I could adjust button hole stitch down to a size that is similar to Erik the Red's version---smaller bites into the fabric and the same "1-2- swing, 1-2, swing" spacing.   I didn't actually sew it to a shape or try the blind hem but I think it will be fine.

 I do need to track down some Class 15 bobbins if what I use on the Jem and Brother is NOT a class 15.  There was only one metal bobbin included in the machine but the manual suggests using the "clear plastic lightweight bobbins when stitching at high speed with the widest and longest stitch settings."   The Singer Stylist 6548 from Lois' mom uses plastic bobbins all right but they are way flatter.  Viking has it very own and one side of them is kinda slanted or bent looking.  Sheesh!

This is also a high shank machine.  The machine bed is actually tilted just a tad I guess so you can see your work a little better?  Any help in that area would be good since these days I often have to put my readers on!   I just wish it had come with the walking foot as I know there is more space under there than my Brother.    The space for a quilt may be a bit bigger too----up about 4.5 inches and maybe 9 across?  I can't just slap on a generic walking foot because there is nothing to attach it too.  The foot is permanently attached to what holds it on the machine.  BUT I did look on the sears online parts site and apparently they sell the manufacturer's equivalent to that part number.  Something to think about anyway.

Well, it's Monday and there are a few errands to run.   Bama Belles meets tomorrow and I have a few things to tend to for that and pack up the car.   I am going to sew at least one block of my sampler today though and see what I think of using it for the subsequent blocks---all 110 of them (the design wall one is done).  Best get to it!  Daylight's burnin'.  Till next time and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. sorry to hear about your headache! Nice score on your new machine..even if you have to pay for a walking foot, it sounds like a good investment if you feel you have more throat! don't feel have 3 times more on your design wall than I do LOL have fun with the Belles!


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