Mar 5, 2013

a start

Yesterday afternoon I got busy on my first fabric challenge piece for quilt guild.  During the blog hop I had the pleasure of visiting Quilt Doodle Designs and then her design pages when I spotted a penguin motif a quilting friend might be interested in for one her projects.  She wanted seahorses and/or penguins.  Odd combo but apparently a baby on the way and my friend was looking for possibilities.  Anyway, my search led me to her etsy page where I found a cute cupcake design.  I had originally thought I would use a foundation pieced one I had found through craftsy designed by Cyrile at Bubblestitch Quilts.  Here is the location of her pattern.

It could have gone either way but I guess I felt more like doing applique instead of foundation piecing.  The cupcake print and the daisy print are Michael Miller prints and I believe from the "It's A Girl Thing" collection.  The retreat committee had sample pieces sent as giveaways this past fall but it arrived too late for that purpose so it was passed out as a fabric challenge instead.    Loose rules: Use some of the fabric. Make something, anything. 

It is always fun to dig around in your stash and see if you have anything that will work.  The pink needed to be of a more blue-y pink than an orange-y coral pink or grayed down version.   I looked at some of the leftovers from my sewing machine cover and through a couple might work---the stripe and paisley anyway.  I am obviously not done with it.  It still needs a yo-yo on top of the cupcake and little buttons on the aqua-turquoise piece.  I dug through my button box and of the two colors I would consider using for this, I only had 5 buttons and I need 7.  Quilting is not done either.  I am thinking that this could be used as a standalone wall hanging for our birthdays OR it could be one of the Amy Bradley quiltlets from "Seasonal Quilter"  I checked the size and this will be close.  I didn't get it quite centered so "it is what it "  half done, LOL.  Not starting over.

I changed my mind about what I am going to do with the heart samples I pulled from the bag. ( Jackie had one left and I took it too.)  More of the recently pulled fabric for the machine cover factors in on the new plan.  I'll tell you more about it when I get started on it.

But first I thought I  might finally get the button hole applique done on the Halloween piece before I change out the machine foot to quilt.  We had some thunderstorms blow through so I didn't get started on it yet.   I have had one mother board blow out and do not care to replace another!

Maybe after supper?  Mostly I have been working in the computer updating software, drivers, cleaning up my start menu etc, not even leaving the house today unless you count a couple of trips out to my storage area, LOL.   For now, it is time to start supper and I'll aspire only to that. Yesterday I got so busy on the applique piece that I realized too late that I should have started the pizza dough an hour or so earlier.  I sent DJ out for one instead.  I won't get away with that two nights in a row!!   Also I still have a bit of paperwork to tend to so this might be a knitting day today and sew tomorrow instead.   No giant rush to complete, after all.


  1. Very cute cupcake block. I like the cupcake border to show off the main applique cupcake. Adorable black cat I see. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. That is a cute cupcake! I will take a bite. LOL Good job, again. :D

  3. The cupcake quilt is adorable! Seeing your cat ready for applique reminds me to get crackin' on my Halloween row x row!

  4. Your cupcake is SO CUTE!! If you need it "centered" - you could add a couple of wonky borders to one side or the other - that might work - but it sure looks "centered" to me - ;))

    And I like your cat - it makes me want to work on something Halloweeney - ;))

    Your sewing machine looks like it could be a cousin to my Lily 555 - she does a GREAT button-hole applique stitch - it's me who messes up - haha - ;))


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