Day 7 Nancy Drew Blog Hop

I just received notice that my husband's golfing friend from IL will be here with his wife on Saturday to play a round.  That means an overnight stay with us on Friday, and who knows maybe Saturday too??  The husband NEVER gets enough specifics to suit me but just says more or less, "sure come on ahead" and "see you then"  (I almost had to celebrate my anniversary with the golfing buddy one year till I insisted the husband call him back and pick a different arrival time.  MEN!)

Blog hopping will be done "catch as catch can"  between cleaning tasks--

Here is the list of those featuring their Nancy Drew items today.    Far more fun blog hopping than cleaning any day of the week!

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm
Quilt ‘n Queen
Our Busy Little Bunch
Just Quilt It
Loves to Quilt
Sew. Darn. Quilt.
From This To That
LynMarie At That Other Blog   may not be up yet


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