Mar 29, 2013

Last Day "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop/ GIVEAWAY signup

First of all let me thank all of you who left such sweet comments about my contribution to the hop yesterday!  You warm my heart and I had lots of positive reinforcement.  Who doesn't need that??

There is still time to comment on that post and be eligible for the drawing.  Drop back to THIS POST to be entered!!   I have decided that I will pull the name on Monday if you promise NOT to think that I am pulling an April Fool's joke on you if you won.  However, several folks were "no-reply blogger".   If you do not know how to possibly change those settings, then please leave me your email so I can contact you!  I have tried to respond to each of your notes---if you didn't hear something back in response to your lovely note, that is why.  THX again and good luck!

Oh you might try either of these links to straighten things out on your end---that danged google plus is responsible I think!

Here are today's featured blog hop participants----then I have something to show you after that, a "check-in".


Patricia @That Other Blog  no show?
Dachsies with Moxie  no show?  no badge?
Madame Samm

2 more no shows??

Wednesday's project completed.  The blocks will finish at 2.5 inches but currently measure 3.5 only because the organizer did not want us to trim down to the seam allowance edge so I have an extra inch all around.  BUT I am done!   These will go in a guild mini log cabin quilt for the quilt show auction next spring.

Yesterday's piddling---I stitched 4 more circles of this ancient project that was stashed in the sewing room closet, like that attic window I finished on Tuesday.  Quilt as go sew and fold circled patchwork from Quilter's Rule International.  Some birthday swap fabric from way back when----early 2001 or 2 ish I'm guessing?  Well I messed up the very first block I had just sewn and tried to turn last night----you got it, I slit the fabric on the white side that will show not the colored part!  My goal today is to at least get this pile of approximately 40 circles pinked and turned.  I'll sew at the next Bama Belles meeting.  I had this out earlier in the week trying to figure out where I was headed and it looked like I needed to sew 4 more blocks for 64 and an 8 x 8 setting as that is all the white I had cut.  Or better yet 7 x 9 would work.  The pattern said 7 x 12 was a lap sized but no way am I making 84 of these when I can't match the fabric for just one block!

Okay goal set and I can get cracking between blog visits, comments, household tasks, etc---ah, who I am kidding, any other day, LOL.

THX for stopping by!


  1. Haha - Good for you for pulling that one out after all of this time!! I tried a project like that once - way back when - got the circles all cut - got four sewn together and had a big hole in the middle where they were supposed to come together - tried to fix it - got a lump instead - said forget it and put it away. It bypassed the UFO list entirely - did not pass GO - did not collect $200 - and landed squarely in the "recycle" bin. I still have them - somewhere - and should probably pull them out one of these days - they must be good for something - ;))

  2. Here it is a cozy place to visit.

    Happy Easter!!

  3. I can't imagine working on log cabin blocks that tiny!


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