Mar 23, 2013

Saturday check in

The Boys watching Alabama play Stanford in the 2nd round of the NIT Men's basketball game.  Seriously Skyler IS watching and has been sitting up there with him for about an hour and half.   DJ in team colors (almost)  ROLL TIDE!

Meanwhile I am watching my Cardinals play the Marlins in another spring training game and preparing to get back to these-------my shamrock row with 5 more to piece.  One IS pieced but the sections are not joined. I should be thinking rabbits but might just be destined to be a month behind at this rate!   I was half thinking about borrowing an applique idea from another quilt I own rather than piecing another row anyway.

I was doing some organizing in my ribbon container yesterday and made room to add some soutache braid and rat tail cord that was stuffed in my button etc organizer above the TV unit.   I unearthed some candy cane and snowflake findings that I had forgotten about that should work out great on the January row once quilted.  Woohoo!  It is like being on a treasure hunt around here sometimes.

And sew it goes-----------

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