Mar 19, 2013

What to say to a quilter you love

I should have this laminated for my husband.  Half the time I don't even show him when I am done with something I have made as it just gets the non-committal, "oh yeah--finished something else.  You'll just start another one and you are never done"  Oh, he might have to hold said item up so I can take a picture for the blog but even then he asks who made it.  I store the group's donation quilts so that is a fair question and does not get my dander up.  The dismissal of my efforts does though.  What does he think I do in here all day, anyway??

Well, regardless of his response or total cluelessness I hope I never am totally done!!  And I did get a couple little things finished completely yesterday---binding tasks.  The third one will be done today, thank you very much.   LOL.

Mostly my thoughts were racing about how I want to complete my item for "Stitch Me Up" which I had not intended to do initially.   I wanted to leave it as a stitchery piece in a larger, some day quilt but changed my mind as I am ready to run with my plan.  Stay tuned.


  1. Yes! Me too, about the lamination for my husband..or is it lamentations! He always, always says...your quilt is too small! Sigh....

  2. Oh, Linda I had to laugh. Husbands just don't understand do they. I had to smile to myself when I finished Gypsy Girl (my last quilt). DH said "That is very pretty". I thought--I've finally got him trained. Then he said "You could sell it". I'm sure that was meant to be "high praise". lol

  3. YES! My Other Half will see what I'm working on and usually say - "I like that one." So far I can think of only two that he didn't like - and that's a pretty good average - ;))

  4. I need to post a copy in this house too!


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