Mar 13, 2013

Day 6 Nancy Drew Hop--sewing plans

More Nancy Drew hopping for me today---here is the list of participants.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Gracie Oliver Arts
Life In Every Breath
Made By Me In Red
Dachsies with Moxie
Words and Stitches
Rose Creations
Retired to Quilt
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Feathered Nest Studio
Judy L at That Other Blog

DJ and I have a little painting/repair project to deal with today as Skyler's cat perch is slipping around in the bedroom.  While he also has one in the sewing room, he likes the bedroom one best and it shows!  Probably those leaps from the top of the dresser down to the window are taking its toll.  Either the velcro band replaced or the thing mounted in a different manner.

I got a start on the shamrock blocks that I need for my row quilt at quilt group yesterday.  Two are pieced but need trimming and a third is partially done.  Fun thing to be working on with St. Pat's coming up on Sunday.   The two fabric challenge items are on tap after I get the row done. 

I also have received my online order and picked up the final items for the item/items I will be making for the "Shake Your Pom Poms" blog hop coming at the end of April. 

Here is something fun I found Tuesday morning that I would like to try from Red Hen Fabrics site.  I have never been to this particular shop but I know some of my pals have as it is one of the Atlanta, GA area shop hop sites, though located in Marietta.   Anyway, that have quite a few small items to make for your quilting buds and/or yourself---link HERE.  The thread catcher intrigues me as it twists down into itself for storage and transport on sewing days.  I've got the small 4 inch wooden embroidery hoop that it calls for and uses slightly more than a fat eighth of fabric to make.  I AM going to try this and if I don't make an entire mess of it, show the Belles, LOL.  Actually what started the hunt was the dog-ear book mark!  Also a clever idea from the same site.  Vickie at More Stars in Comanche in the Monday bunch of bloggers had made several items from the Nancy Drew Fabrics and closed with this one. 

Well, that's it for now---breakfast and then help the husband.  Do what exactly I do not know, LOL, but he didn't want to do this without my okay and listen to the griping later, would be my guess. 

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