Mar 2, 2013

thank you and what's next?

I want to thank everyone that stopped by my little spot in the blogsphere the past few days.  Many of you left such sweet comments about my Amy Bradley included ME on my new sewing machine cover.

The range of talent and imaginations of the participants was wonderful to see.  I am happy that I was allowed to play along with such a creative bunch. Imagine how thrilled I was to have it selected by Madam Samm for "most creative" that day!  You picked me??   I know that sounds a bit like Sally Field's infamous Oscar speech, LOL.   After seeing all the variations of the basic design, new words, some without bias, etc. I was afraid that I had stayed "too close" to the pattern, that I had missed the point.  Commenter LJ probably said it best when she said "You may not have changed your "ME" as much as others but that didn't affect your ability to "change" the pattern to fit the cover".  

Oh that I can do!  I am so used to tweaking existing patterns to get the size I want for donation quilts. Or playing in EQ to change block sizes or the block itself even if it doesn't always make it to cloth.  Switch out the fabrics to fit my stash---all of that.  I very rarely want to make an exact replica of an existing quilt.  I am wear the badge of "traditional quilter" proudly and I hope that shows in my work.  So thank you!

There will be a drawing for the giveaways on Monday but of course, I don't expect anything there but I am proud to be among 24 people chosen as top 3's.  Oh Lord, now I sound like I am saying "it is an honor to be nominated."  (But it's true)

As far as any creative work, I am still working on my embroidered piece for the "Stitch Me Up" blog hop coming in late March.  I am almost done---just a couple little bushes to go!  Today's goal, or maybe the weekend goal, more like.

A friend asked me what I was working on, what was next----of course, as one project winds down you start thinking about the next ones.  I will probably be a little late doing my "Seasons In a Row" for March as I want to do shamrocks rather than kites. Part of the reason I didn't want to do kites is I have/had no decent blue for sky so I ordered a little bit and a possible green choice for the shamrocks.  There is a flower row coming up so none of it will go to waste.  If I use the two different greens I have now then I won't have them for a later row---it is a trade-off.

What is calling me more is the guild challenge projects that are due in April.  Not sure where the pictures will land on the page but here are the two pieces of challenge fabrics.  I know exactly what I want to do with the cupcake stuff and will start there.  I have a plan for the other heart fabric though not etched in stone.  Mentioned it the other day when I had a flash of inspiration.  Unfortunately that flash did not include a way to include BOTH in some project---- like something reversible, LOL.

It has been cold and blustery lately with March coming in as a lion.  I had to laugh when a long time quilt list pal said on facebook "March came in like a lion for sure. and by the way, that groundhog is just a lying rat....probably in Fla. by now....."   She may be right as here in NE Central Alabama we were under at winter weather advisory with snow/rain mix in the forecast possibly till noon today.  I didn't see any snow, not even a dusting on the grass, when I got up.  I don't THINK we have flurries either.  Ordinarily I would just stay in and house mouse it but I am invited to an event this afternoon.  It will involve driving up over the hilly elevations on winding 2 lane road.  Wondering about the advisability of that.  Wait and see I guess.

One last picture to show you.  Yesterday Skyler had been asleep in DJs recliner after lunch.  It came time for DJ to take his nap but rather than displacing the cat, he hit the loveseat---not the couch or his bed.  Doesn't look comfortable to me but I don't have the forward head posture deal that DJ does.    Legs hanging off the end would kill my low back and hip.  Anyway, DJ was snoring away.  Eventually he woke and found Skyler sitting on his lap sharing the wool blanket.  He told me to get the camera-----awwwwww.

But of course, Skyler left as soon as he saw the camera so all you see is a black blob with one of the back paws.  Silly, silly boys!  At the moment I am writing this, DJ has full claim to the recliner and Skyler is window watching but give them a half hour and they'll be sharing the chair again.  The process continues when he takes over said chair when I tell kitty daddy that lunch is ready.  Crack me up.

And sew it goes--------


  1. I shall have to stay tuned to see what you create with all those great fabrics. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. A reversible project would be perfect for the challenges! I have no doubt that you wil come up with something appropriate for both challenges. All of these challenges are definitely keeping you busy!


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