Mar 8, 2013

almost there/Day 3 Nancy Drew Hop

Here is today's schedule for the blog hop.

Friday, March 8, 2013
That’s Sew Julie-----moved to next Thursday
Lily Patch Quilts
Cherry’s Prairie Primitives
The Thimble Room---post not up??
The Treehouse
The German Mom
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch.
Quiltin’ Jenny
Blackberry Creek Home Arts

I forgot to mention that there is a clue given each day, hidden in one of the blogger's project featured that day.  To find the clue (and any you may have missed) see cheerleader Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.  There will be prizes awarded at the end!  Then roll on over to Sew We Quilt to see the spotlighted Top 3.  Fun to see such creative things made from the same fabrics but looking oh, so different with each participants spin on them.


So what is going on around here?

Laundry is started, breakfast consumed, dishwasher still needs unloaded.  I'm still schlepping around in my jammies and bathrobe, because I CAN.  Tomorrow, I can't. I will be buzzing out the door to meet up with my pals for quilt guild day.   The sun is shining, supposed to hit 60 so maybe I can pop a window or two open to let some fresh air in later.  Skyler would love it----so would I!!   I feel better this morning than yesterday and got more than 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  That helps.

Only one more row of the Halloween piece to button hole applique.  I could have possibly pushed this last night but it was getting late when I closed up "shop".   I am getting closer but not quite there yet!  I may be pinning this soon and adding it to the ever growing pile atop the armoire.  Machine quilting should be added to the "to-do" but there is another guild challenge fabric piece to do yet.  Promised tree skirts times two. Long range plans there.

Back to TODAY and short term goals.  The fabric came yesterday for the shamrock row I want to substitute for the "Seasons in a Row" choice of kites.  I've got the foundation piecing sheets all printed off from Sew Precise 1-2 software.  My scrawled notes are just what sizes I need to rough cut the fabrics first.  No way will I be able to get it done in time for guild showing tomorrow--a block or two maybe, LOL.  But I have a feeling none of us will be able display them in the usual manner anyway.  They are working on the flooring at our normal meeting site resulting in a quick change of venue.  Somehow I don't think anyone will be hauling the quilt display frames over to the Civic Center for just one day!

My mom and I are doing a bit of a fabric swap.   I had a turquoise-teal moda marble she needed for a stack and whack project.   It needed to be the shade either lighter or darker than what I had cut up for matching quilt kits for both of us, the Prairie Stroll top shown HERE   There was no more of the light fabric left though I did look just in case.  This was one time where it helped to have a pile of pinned quilts on the armoire as I was able to pull it down and see if the moda marble was even close to what she was considering.  Then took a picture and emailed to see if she wanted it or not.  I need some blue appropriate for sky for a few of these rows.  That was part of the reason for not doing kites in the first place.  But I still will do shamrocks!   

And sew it goes------I'll blog hop in between sewing, LOL.

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