Mar 7, 2013

checking in/Nancy Drew Blog Hop day two

I managed to get my my cupcake challenge moved forward but only by locating  a package of button findings in the "right" shade at Walmart.  The selection is getting a bit slim in that area but if you buy more than you need, you might hit pay dirt.   Odd way of shopping, perhaps.  Cross your fingers that it contains 7 identical buttons in it as I would hate to have to buy another package.   DJ complains about hardware items the same way.  More for the button collection and a better selection on the next big hunt.

I also got started on the button hole applique on the Halloween Button up shown here back in November prior to any additional stitching.   Well, come to think of it, the piece will not look appreciably different even if the button hole was done and the piece quilted till you see the binding and hanging tabs on it, LOL.  Whatever. You can take my word for it.  Those scary looking Jack-o-lanterns are done as are the bats and spider.  I'll be moving down the quilt top today, onto the lettering dead center.  Keep it up and this might just be ready for pin basting soon, LOL.  I am only about 6 months behind at this point and should be thinking of the May basket one I would like to have done some year!!   Some of you commented about the cats in the bottom?  Well, here is the whole piece, courtesy of Joined at the Hop with my own idea about the sashing.   

I had spent a bit of time doing some researching for another blog hop coming up at the end of April called "Shake Your Pom Poms"    The link will take you to the information for sign-ups if you are interested in participating.  I mentioned it on facebook yesterday and my friend and fellow Bama Belle Teresa asked  "What has gotten you into doing all these blog hops?"  Fair question there.  It is only three, it was fun the first round, I like the challenge, it is doing something not necessarily quilty and I am a little nuts?  Before I got so heavily involved in quilting I used to do other crafty, home dec items and I miss that a bit.  Besides, what I am doing for my choice is something practical and a replacement of a worn out tossed item----but fun!  Pinterest, surfing---The supplies are ordered

I had planned to go up to the JOY group today as I had been invited along with a couple other area quilt groups to a program they were doing on Lucille Ball.  (She quilted?)  Apparently their guest speaker dresses up in costume as Lucy?  Sounded interesting.  The same person visited last year and did a program as Martha Washington.  I think that is right?  But I am not feeling well and got little sleep last night due to that temporary (I hope anyway)  health issue.  Of course my boys still maintain their schedules in spite of how I feel---up at 6, 6:30.  Best if I stay home, just in case.  Guild is on Saturday so I'll find out about it then on the ride over.

Meanwhile day 2 of the Nancy Drew Blog Hop continues and I only made it through the first site yesterday so I am already behind., LOL.   Here is today's schedule----------when you are ready!  I may have to get caught up on the weekend. at this rate!   I have personally met one of the participants in the hop today----Melinda.  She teaches quilting so I bet she has a wonderful piece in the hop!  Till next time-----

Thursday, March 7, 2013 
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  1. Thanks Linda for the plug. I loved making my quilt. Sorry you had to miss Muriel as Lucille Ball. We had her at our guild last year. She was entertaining. Looking forward to seeing your project.

  2. Did you end up with enough buttons in the package after all? You are lucky you can still get buttons at your Walmart. The craft and sewing supplies at our local Walmart don't amount to much! It is very disappointing. Have fun surfing sites for ideas for the next Blog Hop idea!


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