Mar 25, 2013

Check in/ Day 4 "Stitch Me Up" Blog Hop

Tada!  Shamrock row is done,  my weekend project as it turned out.   I pulled the quilt back to lay the three existing rows on the bed and get an idea of what this is looking like.  Naturally Skyler had to hop on over from his perch to give it the kitty roll of approval! 

The next row is bunnies (for April) but I am still thinking about doing an applique version---possibly similar to the ones shown HERE but will need to get some measurements first.  I may also get started on my entry for the "Shake Your Pom Poms" hop later due in late April. 

I'll also be picking out a project to work on at the Belles sewing day tomorrow.  I had asked the girls to bring their machines so we could so some string blocks, work with abandoned blocks, whatever trips their trigger for a mission field project.  The plan being to crank out some blocks that we can combine and help make up some tops for the other group to finish up.

To that end I am thinking that any of these boxed up quilt kits but the top one (personal project there) would work for this mission  And if I don't feel like stitching then up, then I may drag a few with me and offer them to the others.   I will probably give myself a concussion dragging some of it out of the closet shelf, LOL, but we'll see!  Never a shortage of things to do around here!  Seldom bored, that is for sure!

Ready to start hopping again?  Here is the list for today's participants.   Such clever works of art have already been featured!


Beverly @That Other Blog
Creating My Comforts     blog not updated since Jan---not up


  1. I'm glad I read this. Didn't know I needed to bring my strips and my machine. Will give me a chance to work on that challenge fabric from last year. lOL

  2. Your row quilt is lookin' good!! And your little helper is adorable.

  3. I like your row quilt - it's fun to work on something with a "monthly" theme - isn't it? Especially when Skyler approves - ;))


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