Mar 10, 2013

checking in

I could be sewing---or quilting---but I am not, LOL I did finish up the Halloween button up on Friday and actually got it pinned.  I still need to add the buttons to the cupcake challenge piece and try to make a yo-yo with Bev's borrowed doo-dad.

I blew off today's grocery errands till tomorrow since I have a couple other stops along the way.
It being Sunday, the bank and post office is not available for what I need them to do. It is in the mid 60's so we can open the windows and air out the house a bit.  Skyler is sun bathing and has that nose going about 90 miles an hour sniffing the air.  Just enjoying a quiet afternoon.  Not a thing wrong with that!

 I think I told you that I am sharing web madam duties with another of the gals from guild??  If not, I am, LOL.  The girl that set it up had moved out of state and thought she could handle it long distance.  Donna and I had volunteered "just in case" earlier in the year and the executive board took us up on it.  Of course my husband is groaning when I tell him about it---"don't volunteer for things like this!"  I don't see why it matters to him if I am a little "computer nerd wanna be".

The group met yesterday and I was given a list of about 50 titles book that needed to be added to the guild's library page.  Donna and I discussed which areas we each should cover so we don't step on each others toes.  Library was on my list.   I also changed out the "featured quilt" widget pictures since the Historian had updated our photo pages and I could borrow her images.  Since I am also the guild secretary, I type up the show and tell lists and then pass a copy on to her for labeling purposes.  Actually that helps us both---I can't always see the person's work as I am taking notes and she can see the work but is too busy to make notes.   I had typed up the minutes last night showing an efficiency I may not normally possess.

They had displaced us from our normal meeting site as they were painting and putting tile down at the facility so we met at the Civic Center in the room where we have had a couple sew-in dates.  The parking lot was jammed as they had tennis matches going on outside and a beauty pageant going on in the gymnasium area.  It is a nice space but they had the thermostat set at 62 and said they could not adjust it upwards.  I imagine the cool is great for the walkers above the basketball court, the sweating basketball players or the folks in the weight room.  Quilters sitting in a chair listening to the speaker made THIS quilter wish for a few quilts off her bed, LOL.   Thankfully I had not worn a lighter top but I had left my sweater in the car when I met the girls in order to car pool.  We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch afterwards and we all wished they would have put us closer to the fireplace!  Chilly in there too.

We ended up taking two cars over and Aline asked if I wanted to make a run to the Ashville Quilt Shop after lunch.  Jane and Terri headed back but Aline and I went.  She had been asked to make some curtains for one of the Sunday school classrooms that had just been updated and was looking for non-girlie, not too juvenile fabric.  I got a brown that could be used for binding on the cupcake piece and a raspberry colored pink that might work on the other challenge fabric bit.  I didn't get home till after 3.  Next thing I knew it was time to fix supper.

I could be sewing this stuff. You are looking at binding for the Halloween button up and the rough cut sections of the shamrocks.  That is as far as that project got on Friday.  I still might get started sewing but so far it has not happened today.  One other person had done appliqued/embroidered shamrocks for her row of the month choice.  I know I saw another gal stitching some foundation pieced ones up at the sew-in last month but she must not have brought them for show and tell.  Like minds?  Belles is coming up on Tuesday and I will be looking for a project to take with me then.

And sew it goes---------

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