Apr 1, 2006

3 post story--sorry

Sorry that I could not get this all loaded in the same post--scroll down to the third post to get the complete story here. Actually since I only keep 3 on a page for easier loading, the bottom of the page will work, LOL. Blogger pic uploading is not playing nice again.

Sharing the background story about the quilt presented to me by a quilt list I once moderated for close to 6 years: Joy and I had traveled up to Indianapolis in the fall of '99 to sew for a couple of days with Ellen, the founder of Wrap Them in Love and our hostess Becky. Along for the ride was a young mother from Mississippi and her 10 month old baby daughter. Shown at left is Hilary who had traveled up from TX for the event. Later in the weekend a couple list friends from IL and KY came to be with us. That chubby red head at right is me.

This shows the quilt front. Posted by Picasa

Isn't it pretty? Hard to sleep under since it is heavily quilted but it is my favorite colors and reversible. The list owner and the other moderator received quilts as well but mine was the only one presented in person. I knew the list owner was getting a quilt because I collected the blocks for it and helped with some of the patterns but I sure didn't know I was getting one too. They kept it a very well guarded secret!

I've been off and sewing from Wrap 'Em ever since. This event eventually led us to have our own Sew- in Jan. 2000. We had so much fun sewing with the local friends Joy knew and invited to her home. No group that we knew of could take on another 7 people so we formed the Bama Belles Quilting Club officially in Feb. 2000. We have made and donated about 1400 quilts or so since that time. I would have to do some number crunching for an exact number. After all that paperwork pushing this week, I don't feel like, LOL.


  1. It all sounds just fantastic to me, Linda...*VBS* What could be better than getting together like that to share in a common goal, and have the fellowship of other quilters, lots of food and lots of laughts...it sounds perfect!!! Thank you for sharing all of it, Hugs, Finn

  2. love seeing the front and back of this quilt Linda-thanks for bringing back some fun memeories!


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