Apr 29, 2006

Don't have a clue

I don't have a clue what she was doing with this basket. She had a little wild hair thing going last night and this is how DJ caught her.

We have a vaulted ceiling in kitchen and living room with an open spaced wall between them. She hops up from the back of the couch, up to the open window space, to the top of the refrigerator and up to the top of the kitchen cabinets. Then she has the option of going even higher atop the top board of the windowed area. Posted by Picasa

DJ said he had a wonderful birthday. The weather was chamber of commerce beautiful yesterday so that made our laps around the Oxford Lake very pleasant with a nice breeze off the water. We found a tape measure for half price at Sears to replace his worn out one and walked down to where we thought the cafeteria restaurant was. The mall had converted that space into a Goody's department store but a lady walking by heard our conversation about "it was right here" and directed us to where it had basically moved--now it's buffet style. Thank you for all the birthday greetings you sent on to him. He is 16 years older than me and is actually more a contemporary of my parents -- just turned 70. I would rather than be a older man's darling than a young man's slave anyday!!

Yesterday I got all the appliqued pieces that were basted down in the previous post appliqued and still had time to stick down one of the beehives that are part of my design. This means that my work is half done. Once I determine that DJ no longer needs my help with this storm door project I can get back to work.

I appreciate the compliments you gave on the work in progress and the helpful hints that Judy and Patti passed on to me. Y'all are the best! The suggestions may not have helped with this project since I had already gotten the project started the "wrong" way on part of it. I didn't even draw this thing out to have anything to line it up on. It will not be exactly the same on both sides. It does help to know that I can sew the centers down on the remaining flowers first though. Live and learn, right? I think it is possible that I could have this finished up by tomorrow night if I keep at it diligently this afternoon and tomorrow.

I was able to pass on suggestions to Cher so she could get some circles made so it is not all bad.

Break time is over as "carpenter" man is back from the a run to the hardware store. see ya!


  1. Sometimes I think they revert to the "jungle" instincts..LOL..another shade of "the lion roars tonight"...would love to see a brain scan while they are in "that" mood". Hurray for a great birthday..*VBS* Who cares about age, the heart wants what the heart wants...time has nothing to do with it..*VBS* Have a great weekend!!

  2. yes-it's been fun doing applique with you LJ...thanks for all the help!

  3. Your kitty is gorgeous :) I enjoy reading your blog! xoxo melzie

  4. Thanks for making me smile today - the cat with her head in the basket is priceless!

    Maybe Finn's right, and it smells like the savannah grasslands her ancestors came from... :)


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