Apr 9, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Pippi napping on the pillows

It is has been a fairly quiet afternoon today so I am sharing some pictures of a special quilt that I own.

In early '97 I made a phone call to my mom and asked if she were sitting down. DJ and I were getting married in a week after being a couple for almost 21 years. This was the quilt top that that she took to the area hand quilters the next day. I love it, of course, because it is my wedding quilt but also because it is my beloved 30's reproduction fabrics but I know there are some authentic ones as well.

I even have a few blocks in the quilt as it was Mom's pass around quilt. Had I still been living in IL, I would have still been a part of her small group and would have made some blocks anyway. Little did I know that I would one day end up with it! See the post below for the quilt full out on the bed.

The block itself has a little family history involved. While visiting my grandmother in Falls City, NE along with my mom and sister some 12 plus years ago, we had gone uptown for a little shopping/window shopping. A quilt with this pattern was in the window of one shop with a basket design that neither of us had seen. Once she had replicated her version of that design, we just named it "Falls City Basket". I remember taking a picture of the mosiac in front of one store for inspiration as well.

I finished quilting Mom's Lexington Town Square last evening. I just barely got the label attached and you know who was giving it the kitty stamp of approval. I didn't get it trimmed off yet, thanks to that but I'll leave that up to the binding helper at this point. I've done a little planning and resizing of some graphics for the round robin today but beyond that nothing else quilt related.

DJ and I walked on Chief Ladiga Trail so got out to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather. I ran a couple of errands that I won't have to do tomorrow because I was missing an ingredient or two for our supper (cavatini tonight) Other than that, a pretty lazy afternoon that is slipping on by--almost a "beach day" as Darilyn would say, LOL.

Guess I'm off to see what the bloggers in the ring are up to--------


  1. What a wonderful day to have a "beach day"...and well deserved I'd say..*S*

    I love your wedding quilt..I went below and saw it all, even clicked to enlarge it..it's awesome!! And what a pretty fur baby on the bed..*VBS*

    I did some browsing through the albums of the Belles last evening, and that was fun, seeing you guys quilting together and putting faces with the names I've heard.
    Very impressive quilts, both in looks and numbers....WOW!!!!

  2. That is a neat basket pattern . :)

    And a very comfortable Pippi lounging on it!

  3. doing some stash ring surfing this morning-nice to see this quilt and hear it's story LJ! glad you are taking a breather...as I know you will be back to the petal to the metal soon enough-*vbs*


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