Apr 30, 2006

Done and what's up next

Color me happy---I am done with that round robin applique and it did not kill me. I can post this because the person who will receive it in the end is not online and is not likely to be reading my blog. I took the last stitch in the silk ribbon embroidered bees at 5 p.m. I see the little things did not show up terribly well in this picture. Looks like a little speck of dirt in this shot, LOL but trust me, they are there! The flight paths I made with two strands of embroidery floss show up better in person as well.

So it will give me great pleasure to cross this off my April goals. I revised the April, May and June goals a couple days ago--much of April had to be moved to May because this applique thing was so time consuming.

Next up? I will be completing a Christmas quilt top that our friend and fellow Bama Belles started for one of her sons. She passed away 2 plus years ago and left about a third of the top completed with some loose blocks included. I was asked to complete it as I have the book that some of the patterns came from. Betsy had already made one for her other son and I know on the second go round she had already decided to make some changes in the design. There is a folded flower block that we did as a group, a friendship star in log cabin that her secret pal made for her and she left the cookie letter off the cookie jar on round 2 as that about drove her around the bend the first time. Good plan!

I have re-drawn it in EQ to accomodate those changes. I should also say that I have one of these started for myself---another UFO on the list. Her son called about this not long ago so it is time to get his mom's top moved along. His dad can take it on to the machine quilter in Birmingham that did her long arm work for her once I'm done.

The patterns were one of those "buy two packets each month" format from Oxmoor House--one was pieced and the other appliqued. The original quilt was designed by Jeanne Kimball. Oxmoor House is based in Birmingham and some of the featured stitchers in the book are quilters that we know from the area. One owns Quiltmaker's Workshop, one is the the long armer I mentioned, another owns Heart to Heart Quilt Shop and designed that "Nine Patch Fun" pattern I referred to in my "Whatever" block post a few days ago as a matter of fact.

Anyway, where you see a gap it is meant to be an appliqued block place holder that I didn't want to try to draw but it should be a little like this with borders. It has been a while since I looked at my notes so some review will be in order before starting it up. I am setting a goal of May 10 to get this done.

I'm taking the rest of the night off!


  1. Yippee! I am celebrating your applique success! It looks great and I can see that it would take you some time to get that all done.

    I like the sampler too - nice that the son is looking for his Momma's quilt. I am going to study the design some more because, well, I have TONS of blocks that need to be set into some sort of top!



  2. The Round Robin looks wonderful Linda!! Fabulous job on that applique. There is so much of it..wow!!

    Also like the quilt you are about to finish..do you have the patterns you need? I'm only asking because I had a chance to buy the large notebook that came with that set, and some, but NOT ALL the patterns are in there. Looks like some keep the "bits" that they liked best. If I can help, give a hollar and I'll look and see if it's in there.

  3. Hooray for a project completed!!! Looks great!! Good luck on your May goals!!

  4. Congratulations on getting it finished - it looks great!

  5. well, I think you did a terrific job on this Linda...! way to go and move on to the next project. I remember seeing that project back years ago when your group were first working on it...good luck with making progress on it too.

  6. Fabo! Love the applique - and how nice of you to finish up the quilt!

  7. Very cute, I really like the sunflowers and am going to have to try some of them myself one of these days.

  8. Linda, wonderful!! So very cute!!!Take a bow, you worked long and hard on this....way to go...!!!

    You done good girlfriend. Reason to be proud!

  9. Hooray Hooray, you did it! And a very fine job you did too!! I really like it. I can see the little bees buzzing about.
    Plus you learned something while making it that you can carry along for the next project! That's always a good thing in any situation.

    Great job! Give yourself a hand!

  10. Your RR quilt looks so nice, and the owner will be proud to have it when it is back :-) I am terribly behind on reading blogs - has been a bit under the weather for a weeks's time. Spring is finally springing in my part of the world as well, as from today - at last, and fresh air and sun is good for any crud in the world. I like your late friend's quilt.


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