Apr 21, 2006

Plodding along

Now here is some applique I can handle! The snowman quilt was made for my secret pal on a former quilt list.

I have plans to one day make me one! The design is from Piecemaker's book "Something to Crow About". It also contains some cool folk -arty sunflower ideas I have toyed with in recent days. Who knows? I may end up with a couple of those on my round robin project yet!

In the past I also have done a few Appliquilt patterns from various books written by Tonee White--one of which was a round robin pass around project. I'll save those for another post since I am having a little problem getting images to "play nice"

Here is another way I can handle applique--fuse it within an inch of its life, LOL.

The pattern is designed by Diane Arthurs for "From the Powder Mill" and is appropriately called "God Bless America" . It was made for another secret pal.

You cannot see it very well but I also made the quilt hanger--gold stars on the end of the dowel rod also painted gold.

So how am I coming with my current project? As of last night I am done making flowers for now except I need to make the center circles. I have 4 mottled orange 8 pointed stars 3 1/2 inches finished and 4 golden yellow 12 pointed sunflower like Hanne showed on her recent post Sunflowers galore.

We have had 3 days in a row of severe thunderstorms by late afternoon forcing me to shut down the sewing machine and the computer. Unfortunately we are shooting for a 4th day of storms this afternoon. Yesterday we had about 2.5 inches of rain in about 2 hours time. I had hoped to get the bias strips cut for the stems, etc but that didn't get done and still hasn't gotten done today either. Best laid plans are falling by the wayside.

This morning, I admit, I was distracted and working on my web design exercises and then attempting to put a webpage up on earthlink in my free space. It needs work--that "wysiwyg" stuff can drive you nuts trying to get things placed with my limited skills but hey, that's why I doing the exercises!

Now I seriously need to go make some circles to cover the flower centers---hold my feet to the fire on this one, will'ya?



  1. Sorry to hear about those thunderstorms...it does put a cramp in sewing and being on the computer. I get nervous when the thunder begins and I shut all that type stuff off....quick! Can't afford to have to replace it..LOL

    Love the applique..especially the snowman! He's adorable. I hope you DO make one for you..*VBS*

    I'm just plodding along here, could use some inspiration..LOL, or maybe a nap *G*
    I look forward to seeing your flowers..YOU go girl!!

  2. hi ho, just me, back again. When I tried to post this afternoon Blogger gave me an error message, so I wandered away and took that nap!!*VBG*

    I see that it posted to your blog, but the comment count is still on zero...weird..LOL

  3. What cute designs. I agree that the best way to applique is to fuse it within an inch of burning it. Beth has very successfully use this method. In fact, isn't that how ya'll did the cat project at Xmas 2005?

  4. The snowman is so cute!! I love the way the background gives a snowy appearance!

  5. I love your little snowman quilt. He would fit right in with my snowman collection!

  6. Really cute quilts! Great job!

  7. That snowman is sooo cute! I have some Piecemaker calendars from a few years back -- nice patterns!
    Hope your weather improves!
    Jeanne :)


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