Apr 19, 2006

Making some progress

I know I have been moaning and groaning about having to some applique on a round robin. I've gotten a little of my project ready but not ready to show. Here is a wall hanging I made for my sister who lives in Colorado circa 2000. I am being too lazy to dig out the pattern to tell you the designed but it is called "Rocky Mountain Spring". I can do it but prefer not to.

I am making some progress today though, thanks to some helpful suggestions from Hanne that she emailed me. Thanks again!

One little bee hive is prepped and one little orange shaded eight pointy petaled flower is sewn. I can use the owners focus fabric for the flower centers. Hey, that's more than I had done this morning! I figure 4 flowers in that goldy yellow I showed you from my first attempt and 3 more orange ones should do it.

The pointy flowers have the edges already have the raw edges enclosed and ready to applique to the borders I applied yesterday. I have dug out my flexible curve and bias press bars so I'll be ready for stems and leaves tomorrow with any luck.

My goal is to have the applique all prepped so that I can hand stitch in between a piecing project--like applique in the mornings and piece in the afternoons. That may be revised however because the sew-in is coming up all day Monday and Tuesday. The deadline is May 6th and I don't want to be taking the last stitches late May 5th.

This morning I did catch a ride with my husband over to our meeting place to deliver a big roll of batting and pinned the two tops Finn sent us for the girls at Big Oak Ranch. The church has a morning kindergarten session that was working on a project in the Fellowship Hall. Daddies were helping the kiddos make bird houses so there were 6 or 7 stations of hammers going when I arrived. Just as I was about to tell DJ that I would just run onto the golf course with him, the director said they would be done in a few minutes. He only plays nine holes and walks so that gave me about an hour and a half to work. I had just finished putting everything up when he came back around to get me. Fun to see all those neat fabrics up close and see how many I have or have in different color ways.

Looks like we are in for some more pop up thunderstorms this afternoon and me, with brats to throw on the grill tonight. Alternative cooking plan may be called from the distant rumbling I hear. We do need the rain.


  1. What a beautiful wall quilt..*VVBS* I had to enlarge the picture to get a better look at all that detail you did ! It's quite amazing!!!

    Good job on getting the round robin applique figured out and prepped. You are one busy lady..*S*
    But it sounds like "happy" busy, and that is wonderful, Hugs, Finn

  2. hurray for progress on the round robin...I can relate to dragging your feet, but sounds like you got just the help you needed! so thanks to Hanne :-)


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