Apr 1, 2006

it's raining, it's pouring.....the old lady should be snoring!

April Fool's! DJ has been warned not to pull anything. The man loves to tease and what is more perfect a day for someone that does?

Perfect day for sleeping in too--dark, rainy and quiet. Maybe I should climb back in the rack? The thunder and lightning seemed to have passed over just leaving spells of intermittent downpours. Good for the growing things like my husband's grass he is trying to get started in the back yard post septic system work. The last two years he has over seeded in the front and on side yard in the fall giving us the only pretty green grass in the neighborhood all winter. Now Mother Nature is helping to get the front and back on the same page. The white daffodils or maybe they are paper white narcissus and lupines are just up. Gotta love the spring.

Okay so far, nothing quilt related in this entry though I am starting to put a few stitches in the binding on one of the bowtie quilts. Nothing to see there. The memorial heart quilt was half done with the quilting when I quit for the evening last night. Nothing to see there either. Oldie (to me) but a goodie. My favorite picture of Pippi on my alas, unmade bed. Posted by Picasa

I'll show some pictures of the quilt full out. I don't know if you can see that it is reversible---log cabins on the front and Sunbonnet Sues with more log cabin blocks on the back. It is one that was made for me in 99 by a quilt list that I used to moderate. Wasn't this sweet of the listers?

Well, it looks like blogger is not wanting to load pics this morning while Hello will. I'll show 'em, LOL. There is always a work around............but looks like I will have to do it in separate posts.


  1. Hello from WI, where we have been in the downpour stage for the past day or two also! Perfect inside weather, right??
    I've just played the "Blogger Post" game unsuccessfully also..so added my daily quota via Hello, who never seems to refuse me..*VBG*

    Love the kitty in the bed...and have seen very few reversible quilts, how neat to own one...*VBS*

  2. wonderful quilty/kitty photo of Pippi!

  3. Oh I like that kitty picture too!

  4. What a great picture. Pippi looks as though she knows that's her bed. :)



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