Mar 31, 2006

how small is too small?

I cannot seem to find a picture right now of any of the three log cabin quilts I have made with the 2 inch strip baskets that I am currently sorting. I DID quilt this one using primary colored variegated thread in the same one I did from "scratch"

I arrived at our meeting place some time ago to find several things set in our storage closet. There is a no lock on it and no one seems to disturb our things. It is not surprising to find that someone has donated a bag or box of things they think we might use.

Wow, quilting tools and a whole pile of log cabin blocks this time. From the quilter's sketch she was planning on queen/king star like set with these. I went down to the office to ask the church secretary if she knew where these treasures had come from. She did--one of the church members was a quilter, had passed away several years ago and these were from her estate. They thought we could use them for our donation quilts. And boy, did we! I believe we got 4 quilts out of the deal. Carol, the block maker, had taken quilting classes from our co-founder Joy, as it turned out.

What led me to look for the log cabin picture is sorting out these strips we tore through recently. They are still separated essentially by light, medium and dark, of course but now I'm going for sizes. Some of this stuff is my strips but a lot of it is some that Ellen, the head of Wrap Them in Love Foundation had sent in a stuffed Xerox paper box. It is not good enough to just have strip baskets, you gotta use them!! I have made a dent in them and the Belles have helped me as well. I kept telling them to grab a handful and make something scrappy. One girl turned her head and didn't even look for colors---now that is what I had in mind!

So here is how it is going as sort through the 3rd of 3 baskets--I did manage to empty out a shoe box sized bin as I went along but only because it is moved to other spots. I know I am deluding myself into thinking it is gone rather than "gone elsewhere", LOL.
  • I have a pineapple log cabin started in 6 or 7 inch blocks so some of those smaller pieces can stick around for that. Separate pile#1 but file back as I'm not digging in the closet to drag out that bin. The 3 inch and smaller could be cut into squares for leaders and enders at some point.
  • 5 inch or a tad longer for the pioneer braid--pile #2 but then add them to the project bag. Any leftovers can go for strings--maybe another RR crossing down the line or piano key borders somewhere.
  • around 9 1/2--sashing for Pineapple Blossom--pile #3 but then add to the project bags
  • longer strips and "tweeners"---pile #4 to be left in their baskets as who knows where they will end up? I may try a project called Double Weave that Keryn of the Quilt Maverick ring shows on her quilt school site.
  • most of the pastels are already pulled out for my log cabin basket blocks. I won 12 in the participants drawing for the current raffle quilt but will need at least 8 more blocks to make a top.

And so it goes--DJ is off to the golf course. I'm still in my jammies petting and piling up my fabric bits, scheming and planning future quilts and getting myself revved up to quilt this afternoon. Two days off doing other stuff is enough for me.

Hope you have a fun quilty weekend------


  1. Hey Linda, you are having my MOST favorite kind of morning(or day)..a quiet house, and fun in the fabric...still in my jammies!

    Who but us kookie scraps people could love that sort and use process so much??? Hugs for being just actually who you are!! Finn

    P.S. Bet you get some fur baby help before those boxes, bins or bags get put away...LOL

  2. Loved the furry baby pic. I had to laugh because I had just been quilting around Tigger for an hour. LOL.

    What a pretty quilt. I love the cheerful colors.


  3. Linda,
    Great quilt and love the quilting on it! Very nice!

  4. another fun day at your house!

  5. Oh Linda - I gasped with delight at the Log Cabin of ??March. I've just found you and am trying not to spend too much time slobbering with delight, when I should be actually sewing. I cannot wait to come back and 'play' when I have more time. Thanks for the visit!


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