Mar 19, 2006

hot off the presses

Well, here it is hot off the presses--Jewel Box Redux. UFO top 10 for 2006. I guess in retrospect, I have had my own little sew-in to celebrate National Quilting Day weekend.

I foundation pieced the little cornerstones in the outside border and the quilt finished about 45 x 60. I see now that his hands might be covering up the square a bit at the top. Oh well--you get the idea anyway.

I am done with whatever remained of that animal fabric and tossed the scraps as no way do I want to make another quilt with it. Emptied out another 2 gal ziploc project bag this weekend and that is a very good feeling. Only kept the peach stuff and there is not much left of it.

ALL the animals are upright this time--the first one I made they were every which way. It took a little longer to sew as I had to piece each block individually to be sure of their position as well as the chains going the right way. Still, I think it looks sweet and girly.

I was digging in my binding box to see what I might be able to use on the Card Trick and found I had a very similiar peachy color that would work for the Jewel Box. No such luck for the Card Trick--I'll will use something that I had gotten for different quilt that works quite nicely. Found a nice stripe yesterday at Wally World that will go well with the 3rd top and kinda cool cut on the bias.

Yahoo, just the right amount of peach is already made up! (See, Cher, it does pay to over cut sometimes!) DJ said that I didn' t take much to make me happy today. I told him that sure made things easier on him, LOL--tomorrow he might not be so lucky. It has been drippy, overcast day today and too many of those in the row DOES start to get me down.

Not sure what I'll try to get done after supper. Cut some binding and maybe mark the bowtie blocks which I was going to do the other day?? Never run out of things to do around here but I may just kick back and see what y'all are up to.


  1. Morning Linda, thanks for the nice comments over at my place..*VBS* Yes, I was delighted to realize you were very much "my kind" of quilter with the make do attitude..*VBS* Makes you special!!

    The Jewel box looks wonderful...such a lot of work to make all those animals go the right way...LOL. But it's beautiful.
    Gonna try and get this box off in the afternoon mail...I'm terrible about packages...the worst part of me..mailing packages...grrrr, I will do it!!! Hope you had a lovely evening, Hugs, Finn

  2. Linda,
    The jewel boxes looks so springlike! Love the color choices!!!

  3. Linda, I really like the Jewel Box - I want to make two of them one with a black background and brights and one scrappy with a scrappy beige background. I have some strips cut for the scrappy one but don't know when I'll get to it.

  4. lucky you to have the perfect binding already cut! and it did come out great looking! I think all that extra effort is well worth the time it takes-but it is a royal pain in the neck during the process..good for you to have another top done my piecing whirling devish friend *vbg*

  5. this looks wonderful- congrats on emptying the project bag :-)


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