Mar 25, 2006

Top 25? can't do it

Evelyn has issued her readers a challenge to come up with our top 25 projects but they cannot be UFO's? Oh, boy. I don't think I can up with even one as so many, many things ARE on my UFO list. I have the spreadsheet to prove it. Seriously, if I had not needed to get some sort of organizational chart in hand to participate in the Stashbuster list UFO challenge for 2006, I would never, ever have counted them up. I felt that nothing stifled my creative processes more than having to list them all and make myself work on them. Still, I am getting things done and moved along because of it but I gotta tell you--- if some new thing came along and I really wanted to try it/make it, I would kick the other "hafta" to the curb in a heartbeat. Some much for resolve.

Finn noticed the changes I had made around here---thanks for the positive comments. I just barely know what I am doing but don't mind experimentation, I guess. Our mantra lately has been....Tinker, Preview, Save and Republish, right Cher and Pam? I probably should have hung an "under construction" sign on mine till I got that graphic in the title straightened out but I believe I stumbled on a solution now.

This is what it will start looking like in Alabama soon. Our two azaleas are starting to bloom from the bottom up but of course, this picture is NOT them, LOL. DJ and I took a trip to Calloway Gardens in GA a few years back and this is a scan of a photo I took. It is what I have presently as my wallpaper and part of my screen saver. Gotta love the spring as the summers here are long and just too darned hot and humid most of the time.

Where has the morning gone? I threw our supper in the crockpot a few minutes ago (chicken and dumplings with those good thick Amish style noodles to be added later) and the next thing I know it's lunch time. Since I was busy with spontaneous fabric shopping with my pal Judy, no leftovers to be had from our evening meal as I got out of kitchen detail save warming up the night before's. BUT DJ will get one of his fav comfort meals for lunch because of it--bacon beanwiches.

Back to bowtie quilting this afternoon and I hope that the binding process will not be the pain that is was Thursday!


  1. Thank you for correcting my geograpical error. The ladies of Gee's Bend are now listed where they're really from on my weblog. That's what happens when tired minds blog at midnight.

  2. Wow Linda, you went to Nellie's site?? Thank you..*VBG* And she has made an error...oh my!! It's pretty interesting stuff, but I like the donation quilt the best of all..*G*

    Speaking of that, you switched fonts from this amaze me. If I ever can't find you, I'll just come and look in template land..LOL.
    Good going on the list..guess I should quit complaining and explaining to Cher and do what you did...*G*
    Got any extra chicken and dumplings???

  3. quilting huh? sure you are...if you can stop "improving" your blog site *vbg*...seems to me you could have come up with ONE non-ufo quilt you would like to try...really! I see you figured out the kitty basket thing..good!

  4. I am having fun reading everyone's Top 25 - my own list includes a nice blend of UFO's, plus new tops I want to make. I figure - finish a UFO - reward myself with a new top! Reading your 2006 stats, I see that you have already finished 6 UFO's - way to go!!!

    And me, I love my crockpot too - especially in the summer because it gives me more time outdoors and doesn't heat up my kitchen!



  5. The azaleas are gorgeous. I miss them big time!

  6. I think your blog looks great! The azaleas are blooming here in Louisiana and they are so pretty.

    Judy L.


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