Mar 17, 2006

back in the fold

Thanks to Judy I am back in the fold with a new look to boot though I would not recommend losing your stuff to make that happen. I goofed, pure and simple, and blogger was not playing nice. As I told Finn, it is just lost words and pictures---I doubt that I will run out of either one anytime soon. The pictures are all in my files--the words, no biggie as I have only been at this for about 6 weeks.

So back to the business of quilting---

I will wait to show you the 3D bowtie top that I finished in the on point setting last evening . On that one--quilting may well change its appearance as I am going to mark a "ghost" bowtie in the plain squares. Easier to continue the quilting lines that way and does some needed fill work. I have done this same thing with our heart memorial quilts and it works well.

You see, when we have a member of our quilting group has passed away or a member of the group has lost a close family member, we make a heart quilt and attach a special label to it in honor of that person. We make quilts for kids so the quilt is then donated and pictures are given to the family.

This is one such quilt. I don't know how well the quilting will show up but there is an echo of that same red shape in the plain squares.

Today will be making binding for two quilts, marking the bowties and then move on to one of those half done kits I did some cutting on earlier in the week---several are very close to being finished.

Like Jeanne, we hope to enjoy a St. Patrick's type meal this evening. The corned beef is in the crockpot. I have a recipe that I like to use from Mabel Hoffman's Crockery Cookery that uses a glaze of molasses and dijon mustard or something in the broiler after the meat is cooked. Some mashed potatoes with sauteed onion and cabbage will be added and steamed carrots, I think. Need something green for dessert though. HMMMM

Hope you are wearing your green and don't get pinched!


  1. I'm a terrible Irish lass, I'm in blue and navy today...LOL. I'm not sure I own a piece of green clothing except for a sweater I bought in Ireland, and that only has a green band on the sleeve..*G*

    The blog is looking great again..good job!! Love the idea of the heart quilt. It would be so wonderful if such was never needed, but since it of all, a quilt, that says you care. Hugs, Finn

  2. welcome back, and what a great attitude about your lost info :-)

  3. good job on restoring so much of the "old" blog...glad I could be of some small help my friend-and the heart quilt shows the echo quilting...nice!

  4. Glad to have helped!

    I have a quilt almost like that with purple hearts. I need to get mine quilted! I love yours with the red hearts.

    Judy L.

  5. I really like your heart quilt! I think I will print out my blog and put it in a 3 ring binder just in case I ever loose it - I really enjoy writting it and would be a bit sad if it just disappeared.



  6. Howdy, Linda -- welcome back!
    Jeanne :)

  7. Linda--didn't realize you lost your blog. Mine has been bad all week, I kind of gave up and hardly got on the computer at all. I'll have to take note on saving it, after all-it is our journal! Sorry to hear you had to go through all that!


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