Mar 30, 2006

day off yesterday

no quilting yesterday and here is part of the reason why................ Posted by Picasa

Doesn't she look comfortable? When I tried to remove her from at least the top one (which is up for quilting next) she was having none of it--bat with paws and attempted nips. Where is that sweet kitty I heard was sitting on kitty daddy's lap when I was gone quilting?? Okay, that's just jealousy on my part as she never sits on my lap---ever. She is a lot of things but NOT a lap kitty.

Here is proof that she does park on his lap occasionally. I think she was in hopes of ice cream bowl lickings though she doesn't get any and hasn't for some time. Hope springs eternal!

To the right in the upper picture is the stack of 2 inch strips that need to be re-arranged and some strips pulled for sashing two pineapple blossom quilts and the 5 inchers held out for pioneer braid. I still need to attend to that before putting them back up on the shelf.

The main problem and deterrent to my craft was all that paperwork and the unexpected things that arise--like someone's dues check bounced. I've been treasurer for 3 years and that has never happened. Plus now I need to get tax ID numbers of the two non-profit group accounts apparently, thanks to the Patriot Act. Gee thanks! I can see why I procrastinate doing this stuff. I've got some phone calls to make in that regards this morning and then off to the dentist right before lunch for a filling.

Maybe, just maybe, that quilt might get the quilting started today. If not, there is always tomorrow OR binding to work on OR strips to sort.



  1. My little boy cat, R.B., will "hold his ground" too! Or take a lap when one is not readily available... "O.K. little boy, I'll stop what I was doing so you can sit in my lap."

  2. love how Pippi rules the quilting room :-)

  3. I can see who wears the pants in your family!! And they are fur! :)

  4. Hmm, I think you need to learn how to do that tablecloth trick, you know, where the magician snatches the tablecloth off the table so quickly, the dishes hardly shift an inch?

    Think it'd work with snatching a quilt out from under something with the claws to hang on? *giggles*


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